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40th Anniversary

Who Matters Most


Agnes Gund
is the chairman of the Cultural Affairs Advisory Commission of the City of New York and the former president of the Museum of Modern Art.

1. David Rockefeller
He’s connected to every sphere of the city, and uses those ties to better New Yorkers’ lives. So much good has been done through both Rockefeller University and his giving to MoMA.

2. Michael Bloomberg
An example of how a mayor can work best to govern a city. He has guts and he uses them; he’s brought ideas, like banning handguns, not just to New York, but to other cities.

3. Daniel Patrick Moynihan
Moynihan worked across the aisle, inspired others to do so, and was always in favor of what was best for New York. He never sold his soul.

4. Philip Johnson
He brought all kinds of young architects to the city and supported them, while also educating New Yorkers about how important architecture is as an art form. He made architecture matter.

5. Leo Castelli
As a dealer and gallerist, he brought together in his stable the major talents of the sixties and seventies—Jasper Johns, Lichtenstein, and dozens more—and was the focal point of that scene.

6. David Ho
His AIDS research and the treatments it led to have saved thousands of New Yorkers’ lives. He also attracted top medical talent to the city.

7. Brendan Gill
Gill’s writing in The New Yorker influenced many in the art and architecture worlds, and the enamored way he wrote about New York changed the way many people viewed the city.

8. Beverly Sills
After her wonderful career as a performer, she was the face of Lincoln Center for many years, strengthened the New York City Opera and the Met, and cleared the path for other women to serve on these boards.

9. Diana Vreeland
Vreeland brought American fashion to the forefront—everyone paid attention to what happened here—and influenced the whole fashion world.

10. Jackie Onassis
When Jackie got behind something, people took notice. She was a pivotal force for preservation in the city. Saving Grand Central is just one example.

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