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40th Anniversary

Classic ‘New York’: The 1960s


'Bonnie and Clyde' Revisited
July 8, 1968
"The movie is only a reflection, a very pretty one, of what makes people murder. Real murderers aren't ever that pretty."
Learning to Live With Nixon
October 28, 1968
"As we learned who Kennedy was only after he died, we may learn who Nixon is only after he is president."
Women and Power
December 23, 1968
“As Jacqueline Kennedy was quoted in a New York newspaper profile, ‘There are two kinds of women: those who want power in the world and those who want power in bed.’”
After Black Power, Women's Liberation
April 7, 1969
Once upon a time—say, ten or even five years ago—a Liberated Woman was somebody who had sex before marriage and a job afterward.
Namath All Night Long
April 7, 1969
“…The night before the Oakland game I grabbed a girl and a bottle and went to the Summit Hotel and stayed in bed all night…Same thing before the Super Bowl. It's good for you…”
The Revolt of the White Lower Middle Class
April 14, 1969
"It is imperative that New York politicians begin to deal with the growing alienation and paranoia of these people."
I Run to Win
May 5, 1969
Some time ago, I made a basic decision about the way in which I was going to live the little of life available to me.
The Great White Hope
June 23, 1969
For a guy like Jerry Quarry to come to New York now is a fight promoter's dream.
Renaissance of the Upper West Side
June 30, 1969
Five years ago the West Side of Manhattan was considered such a blighted area that invitations to parties on Riverside Drive were often rejected.
Brooklyn: The Sane Alternative
July 14, 1969
From an old Brooklyn street, the spires of Manhattan are like a vision of "some strange, exotic city across the river."
The Amphetamine Explosion
July 21, 1969
"Any place where young people gather, amphetamine is becoming a god. Cops have Mace, kids have speed."
Is Lindsay Too Tall to Be Mayor?
July 28, 1969
"... Short, waddling, crying, sweating Mario talks about 'a clean city and a safe city,' and suddenly it's not too good to be tall and handsome. 'Send Lindsay to a dance,' the cabdrivers yell..."

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