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40th Anniversary

Classic ‘New York’: The 1980s


The Headmistress and the Diet Doctor
March 31, 1980
It was the last Friday of the term, and tinged with discontent.
Before the Literary Bar
November 10, 1980
In which the author puts his new Marilyn Monroe book on trial—before the critics do.
The Death and Life of John Lennon
December 20, 1980
"I read the news today (oh boy)…"
The Wedding of the Century
August 3, 1981
They were frozen there in a kind of eternal tableau, posed on the sweeping rear lawn of Buckingham Palace.
Downward Mobility
August 16, 1982
You thought you'd live better than your parents did. Wrong.
The Liz and Dick Show
May 9, 1983
The rehearsal had already dragged on for hours, the air conditioning had long since died, and the stars, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, were beginning to get a bit whiny.
AIDS Anxiety
June 20, 1983
On a Sunday morning last winter, model Susi Gilder came upon an advertisement that featured a friend who no longer looked like himself.
The New Puritans
June 11, 1984
Deprivation chic.
Forever Single
August 20, 1984
Born too late? Expect too much? Then you may be…
Blacks and Jews
February 4, 1985
How wide the rift?
Hollywood’s Brat Pack
June 10, 1985
They're Rob, Emilio, Sean, Tom, Judd, and the rest—the young movie stars you can't quite keep straight. But they're already rich and famous. They're what kids want to see and what kids want to be.
Second Thoughts on Having It All
July 15, 1985
"It's devastating. But something had to give. You really can't have everything."
November 25, 1985
How creative young people are being driven out of Manhattan.
The Mob and the Machine
May 5, 1986
The city scandals expose a web of hidden connections.
East Side Story
November 10, 1986
Robert Chambers, Jennifer Levin, and a death that shocked the city.
The Crack in the Shield
December 8, 1986
The fall of the Seven-Seven.
Fighting AIDS
January 12, 1987
On the front lines against the plague.
The World of Warhol
March 9, 1987
The first sign that there was something wrong with Andy Warhol, that he might be a mortal being after all, came three weeks ago.
Couch Potatoes
July 20, 1987
Why the new trend in nightlife is staying home.
The New York We've Lost
December 21-28, 1987
Once there was another city here, and now it is gone.
Slave of New York
September 5, 1988
Jay McInerney is back with another nightlife novel.
Race: The Issue
May 29, 1989
Race is an issue politicians go to great pains to avoid.

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