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40th Anniversary

Classic ‘New York’: The 1990s


Live-In Divorce
February 5, 1990
Tortured couples who have to stay together.
Bill Clinton: Who Is This Guy?
January 20, 1992
A look at the latest Democratic presidential hopeful.
Invisible Man
August 17, 1992
Why did this $105,000-a-year lawyer from Harvard go to work as a $7-an-hour busboy at the Greenwich Country Club—and what did he find?
Character Study
December 21-28, 1992
Pat Riley is in search of character and excellence. Nothing less.
The New Anti-Semitism
January 11, 1993
On a cool, sunny Saturday near the beginning of October, 12-year-old David was in synagogue studying, singing, and hanging out with his friends.
The Sharpton Generation
April 4, 1994
How Al Sharpton and a band of young insurgents are making a grab for power in the post-Dinkins era.
White Hot Trash!
August 22, 1994
The nineties finally have their defining figure—and he hates your guts.
Strike a Pose
November 7, 1994
Have naked supermodels become the torchbearers for radicalism in our time?
Comedy Isn’t Funny
March 13, 1995
Saturday Night Live at twenty—how the show that transformed TV became a grim joke.
Our Martha, Ourselves
May 15, 1995
It's no longer sufficient to dismiss Martha Stewart as a control-freakish middlebrow tastemaker. She's bigger, much bigger.
The Last Designer
September 16, 1996
Giorgio Armani believes that after all the colors have been run through and all the decades recycled, people will turn to a specific idea of style—his own.
Meet Your Neighbor, Thomas Pynchon
November 11, 1996
The world's most successful media fugitive has been living quietly among us. A literary investigation.
Show of Force
September 22, 1997
The same cops who say that what happened to Abner Louima was heinous also say that violence is an indispensable part of doing their jobs.
Free Willy!?!
February 9, 1998
So long for now, President Gore. Clinton is on the verge of another comeback.
Caution: These Kids Are About to Blow Up
August 24, 1998
Hitting it big before the age of 25—the way Puffy did—is the new club-kid dream.
Welcome to the Dollhouse
December 7, 1998
Perky, pretty, and remarkably plugged-in, a pack of young publicists have become the darlings of New York's demimonde. But be careful—they bite.
Vida Lopez
September 6, 1999
Why Jennifer Lopez might be the celebrity of the future.

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