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Welcome to Candyland

Welcome to Candyland

The Sour Patch Kids brand is housing indie bands at a secret Brooklyn brownstone.

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12 Movies That Were Better When They Got Longer
director's cuts
12 Movies That Were Better When They Got Longer These films were later released in superior, significantly longer versions.
director's cuts
54 Bombed in 1998. Now It's Been Resurrected As a Cult Gay Classic. The unexpected resurrection of the disco drama.
Every Friggin’ Time Dakota Johnson Bites Her Lip in Fifty Shades of Grey How many times did she do it?


Mad MenMatthew Weiner Analyzes the Final Mad Men Poster

Teeny, tiny hints about what it means.


Tina EnglerDid Amazon Sink the Queen of Steam?

Tina Engler built an online erotic-fiction publishing empire. Then something went awry between her and the retail giant.



The Hip-Hop Federalist

Hamilton is just great—a treasury of big ideas and ingenious music.

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