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Uncharted 4

The Exorcist’s William Friedkin on Filming an Actual Exorcism

The Devil and Father Amorth follows the titular Vatican exorcist as he performs his ninth exorcism on the same woman.

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Anthony Weiner
7 Years in Scandal-land Shonda Rhimes and her writers’ room discuss race, politics, and the craziest twists they did (and didn’t) write, from wrist-chewing to chair-beatings.
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The 12 Biggest Questions Ahead of Westworld Season Two Does Dolores have a plan for her revolution? Will we see the outside world? What is Shogun World?
Scandal Was a Show That Broke Ground With Ease It was a rare revolutionary TV drama that never became full of itself.


Bronx Tale An Unaccustomed Approach to My Fair Lady

Putting Eliza in the driver’s seat.



I Feel Pretty Works Fine If You Don’t Think Too Hard About the Premise

The throwback Amy Schumer romantic comedy has its ups and downs.

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