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Uncharted 4

Dick Comes to Marfa

On set with Transparent creator Jill Soloway’s adaptation of a seemingly unadaptable, sexually charged, really quite strange cult novel.

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Anthony Weiner
The 17 Best Jokes About Donald Trump From His 2011 Comedy Central Roast It was only five years ago, but it was a much different Trump being roasted.
First Impressions
Laura Benanti on Doing a Perfect Melania Trump Impression "At 9 in the morning I was on vacation and at 11:30 at night I was Melania Trump."
Anatomy of a Scene
How Sam Esmail Directs the Cast of Mr. Robot Somebody asked me what it’s like to work with [Sam Esmail] and I said, It’s fucking depressing.'"


American PsychoListening in on Daniel Radcliffe in Privacy

As the Writer, who knows things about you.



Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie Is Only Semi-Fab

It’s as if the film is aspiring to something bigger than it should.

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