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Uncharted 4

Bring “Your Ugly Stuff”

Having honed her black humor on Buffy and Mad Men, Marti Noxon is ready for her newfound role—as Hollywood’s go-to bard of “dark-hearted bitches.”

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Anthony Weiner
Will You Watch Bachelor in Paradise This Season? A panel of Vulture and Cut watchers discuss.
She's Got Range
Danielle Brooks’s Career-Making Year The actress’s work on Orange Is the New Black now demands an Emmy.
Child Stars
Haley Joel Osment Turned Out Just Fine The Sixth Sense star avoided the child-actor curse, and he’s popping up all over television.


Bronx TaleHow Orwellian Is 1984?

What’s weak, astonishingly enough, is the script, at least for the first hour.



Transformers: The Last Knight Might Actually Be … Art?

It's barely coherent, but it’s more fun than Age of Extinction.

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