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Uncharted 4

The Revision

When a YA novel was criticized for insensitivity prior to its publication, the author did something radical she rewrote it to make it more woke.

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Anthony Weiner
Why Judd Apatow and Pete Holmes Wrote a Crashing Episode About Artie Lange’s Drug Addiction “He said to us, ‘I wish I could take back that day when I first tried heroin.’”
Atlanta’s Second Season Is Stronger and Stranger The warped reflection that an absurd country deserves.
What Ryan Murphy’s Massive Netflix Deal Means for Hollywood Netflix snagged Ryan Murphy with a $300 million deal. Which showrunner will get the next big payday?


Bronx Tale Reviews: Returning to Reims and In the Body of the World

Two deep dives: one into a philosopher’s memoir, the other into the playwright’s own reflection.



Black Panther Is Unusually Gripping and Grounded for a Superhero Film

Chadwick Boseman is simply magnetic as T’Challa, the African king fighting evil in the guise of a wildcat.

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