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To Do: April 10-17, 2013


23. See CFA Masters: Mary Higgins Clark
And ask her how she keeps people up nights.
She’s at a remove from the literary-prestige world, but get over your snobbery: Mary Higgins Clark ­really knows how to make a suspense novel tick along and has proved it in a pile of best sellers as tall as your kitchen table. She’ll be the latest speaker in the Center for Fiction’s Crime Fiction Academy lineup, coaching aspirants as they each try to find their inner ending-twister.
Center for Fiction, 17 E. 47th St., April 17, 7 p.m.

24. See Naked Lunch
David Cronenberg’s creepfest, now extra-vivid!
Not a lot of people could get William Burroughs’s oozing abscess of a junkie novel on film—but somehow, Cronenberg matched him paranoid bug hallucination for paranoid bug hallucination. And now all those slimy roaches are in terrifyingly crisp Blu-ray. Don’t plan to eat in front of the TV.
Criterion Blu-ray edition, $31.96 at

25. See John Dies at the End
Or does he?
In January, when Don Coscarelli’s rollicking horror film came through New York, New York’s David Edelstein called it “ramshackle, seemingly free-associational, rich in hard-boiled narration … and absurdly fun.” You probably missed it, too, because it came and went so fast; time to catch up.
$12.99 on DVD, $16.99 on Blu-ray at

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