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Resa Fantastiskt Mystisk

If you buy director Todd Merrill's impassioned curtain speech, nineteenth-century Swedish playwright Lars Mattsun (Whether Wind Wither You and The Toothless Otter) was the real genius behind the work of "the great corrupter," August Strindberg. Unearthed during an estate sale, Resa, from Mattsun's Fruit Period, is his masterwork, the wrenching tale of a young artist aided by a sprite-child in his journey of self-discovery before marriage. Don't worry about florid lines like "The foul stench of death has made a dance floor of my nostrils" or arcane symbolism involving apples and cats as sexual metaphors-Merrill speaks commentary into headsets the audience wears to make sure we "get it." (He also speaks profanities at the cast.) A genius comic experience, nothing in Resa is what it may at first seem. Don't miss it. It is, in a word, fantastiskt. -- JADA YUAN

Burglars of Hamm and the Ghost Road Company
Written by Lars Mattsun; directed by Todd Merrill; produced by Matt Almos.

Where: The Present Company Theatorium, 196-198 Stanton Street
When: 8/17 at 2:15, 8/20 at 3:45.

August 9th through August 25th
Check or call 212-420-8877 for schedules, tickets, and information on how to volunteer in exchange for free tickets. Tickets are $12; all outdoor performances are free.

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