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J’accuser: Lee Siegel


Siegel on Everyone Else

Malcolm Gladwell
“[The Tipping Point] popularized the idea of popularity as the sole criterion of success … Adapted for television as American Idol.

David Brooks
“Actually believes, on the evidence of mere appearances—as if hypocrisy did not exist!—that a businessman devoted to making money can at the same time be a person revolted by a life spent pursuing money. Brooks rested his argument on the flimsiest of premises ... ”

Douglas Rushkoff
“Paid to tell corporate executives who live in terror of an uncertain future exactly what the future requires. But why are they in terror of the future? Because people like Rushkoff tell them that the future consists solely of the Internet, whose true esoteric nature only Rushkoff can explain.”

Steven Johnson
“Rushkoff’s rival techno-hustler … locates, with pretentious adolescent verve, the sources of the Internet in the Victorian novel, medieval urban planning, and silent film … ”

Wired co-founder John Battelle
“Can only understand Veblen in the context of commerce and the Web.”

Ana Marie Cox
“When [Cox] wanted to draw attention to herself, she used the word ‘cunt’ to make a point.” (after the Washington Post Company bought it)
“Penetrating … commentary has given way to a pandering tone of adolescent caricature and distraction.”

Against the Machine: Being Human in the Age of the Electronic Mob
Spiegel & Grau; $22.95


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