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Wikipedia Watch

Archive junkie Nicholson Baker recently lauded Wikipedia in The New York Review of Books. Cool. But can you match him and other writers to their Wiki bios?


1. Augusten Burroughs

2. William S. Burroughs

3. Sophie Dahl

4. Roald Dahl

5. Tom Wolfe

6. Virginia Woolf

7. Nicholson Baker

A. “During the summers … worked as a cub reporter … [D]isliked the work and refused to cover some events, like the death of a drowned child.”

B. “Known for being a plus-size model, although … has since lost weight and is now of similar proportions to other fashion models.”

C. “Stephen King notoriously compared [one of the author’s works] to a ‘meaningless little fingernail paring.’ ”

D. “[W]rote in [own] diary, ‘I do not like the Jewish voice; I do not like the Jewish laugh.’ ”

E. “Writing pokes fun at subjects such as advertising, psychiatrists, religious families … ”

F. “He was buried with his snooker cues, some very good Burgundy, chocolates, HB pencils, and a power saw.”

G. “[C]riticized Wikipedia, which he said ‘only a primitive would believe a word of.’ ”

ANSWERS: 1, E; 2, A; 3, B; 4, F; 5, G; 6, D; 7, C


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