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The Five: The Young-Adult Bubble


2. “Big Eye Roll”
Six insiders on the impact of the YA boom.

The Librarian
“Kids complain about adults constantly being in the teen section.” —Shannon Peterson, Kitsap Regional Library

The Publisher
“When something hits huge, you get a flood of manuscripts. You see a lot of heroine-who-thinks-she’s-nobody-but-has-a-special-power. Big eye roll. You’re just like, Wow, I’ve read this before in a million different ways.” —Natashya Wilson, senior editor, Harlequin Teen

The Hollywood Producer
“YA adaptations, which are easier to make because they can be franchised, are creating great parts for girls at the moment of the dormancy of the romantic comedy. It’s a nice by-product.” —Lynda Obst, Lynda Obst Productions

The Author
“It wasn’t like I sat down and said, ‘This is going to be the next Hunger Games.’ Although, you know, I’m human. That would be a wonderful thing, wouldn’t it?” —Rick Yancey, author of The 5th Wave (released in May and getting a sequel and film adaptation)

The Young Adult
“Can’t we get books that are predictable and happy instead of predictable and sad? I have never been starved out by my government or exiled by aliens.” —Jack, eighth-grader

That Young Adult’s Mother
“It’s interesting to let your imagination run wild and to picture things that aren’t in your daily drudgery of laundry and bills.” —Jenn, 41

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