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Dada’s Boy

Five Takes on One Strip Act

Patrick Swayze and Chris Farley

“Fucking lame, weak bullshit. I can’t believe anyone liked it enough to put it on the show. Fuck that sketch. He never should have done it.”
Bob Odenkirk (friend, SNL writer)

“There’s no turn there. There’s no comic twist to it. It’s just fucking mean. A more mentally together Chris Farley wouldn’t have done it, but Chris wanted so much to be liked … As funny as that sketch was, and as many accolades as he got for it, it’s one of the things that killed him. It really is. Something happened right then.”
Chris Rock

“I’d say it’s one of the funniest sketches in the history of the show.”
Robert Smigel (comedian, writer)

“I played one of the judges, and my experience was the same as anyone who’s seen it on television. I did everything I could to keep a straight face.”
Kevin Nealon

“I knew in rehearsal that a star was born.”
Mike Myers

The Chris Farley Show: A Biography in Three Acts
By Tom Farley Jr. and Tanner Colby.
Viking. $26.95