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Uncharted 4

On Revival, Eminem Tries Everything, But It Doesn’t Always Work

It’s like he’s second-guessing his place in the rap game.

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Anthony Weiner
Hear Me Out
What If The Crown Is Already the Next Game of Thrones? In all likelihood, the next Game of Thrones will look nothing like Game of Thrones.
6 Things We Know (and Don’t Know) About the Disney-Fox Merger Hulu will probably get a lot bigger.
Year in Review
In 2017, Netflix Officially Became the Best Network for Scripted TV What really struck me about Netflix this year was how often its releases genuinely surprised me.


Bronx Tale An Enticing Twelfth Night for Beginners and Pros Alike

Gateway-drug Shakespeare, in the best sense.



Crooked House Is a Divertingly Twisty and Over-the-Top Agatha Christie Adaptation

Worth it for Gillian Anderson’s wig alone.

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