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The Culturati Caucus

The Rest Is Noise 9%

Tree of Smoke 7%

Other nominations: Schulz and Peanuts, Jonathan Franzen (author); The Shock Doctrine, Nicole Aragi (literary agent); A Life With Picasso, Renée Fleming (singer); Harry Potter, Jacqueline Z. Davis (executive director for the performing arts, New York Public Library)

Best Album and Concert nominations ran the gamut. Some standouts:

“I’m From Barcelona’s album is probably the happiest big-hearted record I have heard all year.”
Michael Cerveris, actor

“It’s not often that you see a group that sends shivers up and down your spine for more than one song. The National managed to do that.”
Michael Stipe, musician

“Hands down the best performance I saw was by the Gossip. Beth Ditto’s like Tina Turner in a five-foot, hefty white frame kicking your ass.”
John Cameron Mitchell, filmmaker

“I really loved Mark Ronson’s new album, Version. It’s such a good album for dancing and otherwise. There’s literally nothing you can’t do to that CD.”
Anne Hathaway, actor

“Kanye West’s Graduation. Not even close. Lyrically, it’s topnotch. Add that to the production value, and man—the guy is a genius.”
Swizz Beatz, producer

Only eleven respondents copped to downloading the Radiohead album. What did they pay?
Gregg Pasquarelli, SHoP architects
Carter Foster, curator, the Whitney
Adam Duritz
Nathaniel Rich, senior editor, The Paris Review

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