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A is for Aardvark
An undeniably unique premise devolves into an uninspired oddball marital parody.

The Adams Conglomerate High School Drama Club Presents: Tales of the 8th Grade!!
Blame the success of Fringe transfers like Debbie Does Dallas for this painfully unfunny, sophomoric "musical."


A funny and fascinating tale about a man who prefers stumps to limbs.

Believe in Me... a Bigfoot Musical

Although rumored to be the next Urinetown, this sweet but not altogether successful musical has a ways to go before it hits Broadway.

blah, blah, blah

Eight Texans serve up 11 comedy sketches that have a lot more zip than the title suggests.

The Bicycle Men

This one-act musical mixes the hilarious pathos of a Christopher Guest spoof, the dark comedy of Groundhog Day, and the existential intellectual underpinnings of Sartre's No Exit.

Big Trouble in Little Hazzard

The creators of this sitcom send up have neither painstakingly deconstructed nor mercilessly mocked the original.

One of the few shows to tackle the demonization of Muslims in popular culture, this comedy is a noble, if sometimes obvious, effort.

Common Knowledge
As the title implies, this lame comedy consistently sticks to the obvious.

Confessions of a Mormon Boy

A riveting autobiographical tale about a gay Mormon who tried to go straight.

Daddy was the Biggest Stagemother in Texas!
Playwright Jack Dyville's autobiographical comedy doesn't quite live up to the promise inherent in its title.

Decadance Vs. The Firebird: A Hip-Hop Ballet
This dance-off mash-up transforms Stravinsky's Firebird ballet into a local narrative about an inner-city girl who learns to fend for herself.

Decoding the Tablecloth

Gabriela Kohen's unique background and upbringing translate into a winner of a one-woman show.

Die, Die, Diana: A Musical
A royal mess of a musical that re-imagines the events leading up to Princess Di's tragic death.

Dixie's Tupperware Party

This comedy's reliance on cheap white trash jokes makes it obvious and forgettable.

Dog Sees God
This taut comedy manages to make tired clichés about stoners and popular homecoming airheads funny and endearing.

The Fall

An amateurish re-interpretation of Paradise Lost.

Geek Love

If you think your family has problems, wait until you get a load of the Binewskis.

Gork! The retard always wins!

This one-woman show about the writer/performer's adopted, brain-damaged brother, is theater of advocacy at its best.

Ellen Dolan delivers a captivating performance as a single mother / Elvis impersonator in this poignant comedy.

Harvey Finklestein's Sock Puppet Showgirls

Aficionados of Showgirls, the infamous Paul Verhoeven-Joe Eszterhas movie, won't want to miss this sleazy, X-rated puppet show.

Host and Guest

Religious hatred, revenge, hospitality and betrayal are explored in Synetic Theater's stunning meld of dance and drama.

How to Save the World and Find True Love in 90 Minutes

A giddily irreverent musical comedy in which romance blooms despite the escalating threat of terrorism.

The Imaginary, All-True Leni Riefenstahl Show

In this ambitious multimedia drama, writer/performer Jen Ryan picks apart the life of infamous filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl.

The Jammer: A Roller Derby Love Story

A raunchy and hilarious tale of a troubled Catholic torn between his devotion to his fiancée and his passion for the roller rink.

The Last Detail
Despite being made into a successful 1973 film, Darryl Ponicsan’s novel translates into a lackluster musical.

The Life and Times of a Wonder Woman

Thanks to hit-or-miss British humor, this one-woman show feels more like a dissertation on feminist archetypes than a comedy.

Live! With Pascale & Chantal
A parody of Lebanese talk shows, this comedy perfectly captures the concept of Western media filtered through the Arab eye.

Martha & Me: A Musical

This musical about a neurotic perfectionist who worships Martha Stewart isn't worthy of the domestic diva.


L. Ron Hubbard like you've never seen him before: hanging out with a Satanist.

M'oro Flamenco
Flamenco infused with Filipino martial arts, classical Indian dancing and hip-hop moves.

Nicky Goes Goth

Forget what you heard about Nicky Hilton marrying a money manager in Vegas. In this hilarious spoof, she hooks up with a suburban goth.

Odysseus Died From AIDS

This drama and Angels in America share the same setting—an AIDS ward—and a similar epic tone.

The Pet Goat Convention

Unable to decide which of his poorly-rendered characters to concentrate on, the playwright resorts to post-MTV gimmickry.

With nothing more than a few chairs, a Victrola and their immense talent, three performers conjure detailed worlds in this brilliant production by Teatro La Quindicina.

Queer Theory

A nuanced field of scholarship is transformed into a sex comedy with mixed results.

Radio :30
Chris Earle's brilliant script deconstructs our relationship with the advertising industry.

Reddy or Not!
Take a funny trip down memory lane in this two-person tribute to 1970s icon Helen Reddy.

This exhausting, two-and-a-half-hour drama reads like a dense CliffsNotes version of CNN coverage 2000-2004.

Save the Goondocks
If you worship the 1985 kid’s adventure flick The Goonies, you'll love this irresistible musical parody.

Statements After an Arrest Under the Immorality Act

Two naked lovers—one black, one white—discuss economic disparities, creation theories and their innermost feelings.

Tens and Twenties

This tragicomic one-act tackles a familiar topic: the soul-killing monotony of a business career.


A trio of hauntingly morbid puppet fairy tales for adults that recall the rapturous beauty of Basil Twist's work.

In Lanna Joffrey's riveting adaptation of Sally Hayton-Keeva's Valiant Women in War and Exile, four actresses tell the stories of 13 women who survived the greatest wars of the 20th century.

Vampire Cowboy Trilogy
Three unrelated vignettes offer lightweight takes on modern-day good and evil.

The Wingding Doodle Club
Although this alleged comedy is playing at the Fringe, its tired comic targets give off the unmistakable eau de sitcom.

You'll Have Had Your Hole
A stark, jarring production from the author of Trainspotting boasts sex, violence and the requisite Scottish accents.

Young Zombies in Love
This exuberantly campy musical tries a little too hard.

You've Never Done Anything Unforgivable
Three George Saunders stories are transformed into a one-man show that is both hilarious and depressing.