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Benji Hughes-- New York Magazine

Benji Hughes's Infinite Songbook

The best songwriter you've never heard of sleeps in a studio closet, and he's putting the finishing touches on four new albums.

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Beck-- New York Magazine
Music in New York
The Town That Put the Pop in Music From Tin Pan Alley to Hollis Queens, the Brill Building to Bushwick, Electric Ladyland to Lady Gaga, a 100-year sampling of New York sounds.
A to Z
The Encyclopedia of New York Pop An impressionistic but by definition incomplete survey of the past 100 years of New York pop.
The Musicians That Shaped the City Portraits of 26 artists who shaped the sound of the five boroughs.

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Editors' Pick

The Psychedelic Furs

The Psychedelic Furs are lavishly listenable, with songs full of pop winsomeness and a transfixing singer, Richard Butler, whose voice perfectly matched the material’s ravaged romanticism.


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