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Was It Like a Prayer . . . Come True?

This week Madonna, bearing cross, hits the Garden for a return engagement. We asked concertgoers at the first set of New York shows what they thought of her dancing, singing, Christian-baiting, and S&M equestrian ensembles.


From left:
I thought it was so interesting how she found a way to hump almost every object on the stage, including a fake horse.
Noreen Okarter, 22, legal assistant

The worst part was that the concert just stopped. No encore, and she didn’t even come back onstage! And oh, God, it was hot in there. My white pants stuck to me, it was so hot.
Nicole Branciforte, 30, consultant

From left:
When I was young, my parents bought me one of her CDs. Listening to it, I realized that I might be gay. Thanks, parents!
Kevin Paul, 30, attorney

She had the whole disco–John Travolta thing going on, but she made it fresh, so it wasn’t like plagiarism or anything.
Voon chew, 32, administrative assistant

People think Madonna on the cross is anti-Christ, anti-Jesus, blah, blah. But she has a reason for doing everything that she does. She’s saying Jesus died on the cross for us, but look at us now.
Melissa Ducheny, 22, bartender

From left:
She put a bad taste in everyone’s mouths when she insulted George Bush. I want her to realize that people are out there fighting for democracy!
Josh Burmei, 33, real estate

Madonna’s body is ridiculous. But she should have more break dancing on her next album.
Ricardo otero, 20, break-dancer

The electric guitar was a little retarded. But I loved her outfits. It was, like, WWD right there onstage.
Christina Caruso, 28, accessory designer

From left:
She never sounded better, so she must be doing something right— I wouldn’t be opposed to studying a little Kabbalah myself.
Jeff Clarke, 34, photographer

I liked how there seemed to be all these subliminal messages aimed at the audience, though I’m not sure what they were exactly.
Esther Kogan, 17, student

Madonna is like a savior to the world, so it makes sense to put her on the cross. I love you, Madonna!
Derek Chow, 32, engineer


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