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Picture-Perfect Playlists


Patterson Hood of Drive-By Truckers

1. Big Star, “Kanga Roo.”
Nothing says I want to jump you on a hot, steaming rooftop like a little Big Star, and this one has the world’s coolest cowbell part courtesy of the amazing Jim Dickinson (who also produced and played mellotron). Ahhhh, mellotron.

2. Raspberries, “Go All the Way.”
Following through with our hot, steaming set with this piece of power-pop confection from the days of my youth.

3. Todd Rundgren, “Couldn’t I Just Tell You.”
Finishing out our power-pop trifecta with one of the all-time greatest songs of its genre—“I can’t keep it bottled up inside.”

4. Sonic Youth, “Anti-Orgasm.”
I’ve loved SY since Sister, and in celebration of their stellar new album, I figured the playlist should have a tune from it. This is a good one.

5. The Glands, “Straight Down.”
I just wanted to hear this song next. The Glands’ second album is still my favorite so far this century, and this song is a great summertime top-down blast.

6. Sly & the Family Stone, “Family Affair.”
We’ll end this down and dirty with another of my all-time faves. Great to fuck to, drive to, or just listen to.


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