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The Muse


Musically, Break Up is more lovelorn Americana than pouty French pop. Is it meant to be pure homage?
This record is like two innocent kids compared to that classic, sexy French shit. Never in my dreams would I want to suggest that we could pull off that level of sensuality.
SJ: Pete has so uniquely captured that sixties-French-pop period without it being retro. When you listen to music that’s “inspired” by a certain era, more than hearing the inspiration you hear a bad impression. This album is more of a valentine to that period than an imitation.

You made Break Up nearly three years ago; why wait so long to release it?
PY: I went on tour. She did movies. Every once in a while Scarlett would late-night text me: “We’re listening to the record, we love it!” So I’d kind of check it out too and be like, “Yeah it does sound pretty fun.” After living with it for a while, I really love the album. It’s the sound of this one moment in time.
SJ: Absolutely. Both of us were in a transient place. I’ve been working since I was 8 years old, and whenever I have periods of time when I don’t have to be doing anything, where I don’t have any responsibility, it’s in those moments that I live my life. I felt, as the word transient would suggest, in between two places. In between a beginning and an end. And I think Pete also had that feeling of being in between, of being everywhere and nowhere at once.

Any chance fans will be able to hear the songs live?
I’ve never been one to hawk something. If people demand it, maybe we’ll do a couple of shows in Europe and a couple of shows here. I have terrible stage fright, so it would be a challenge for me, but I’ve got to face that eventually. The album sounds nice out loud.

Did making the album cure your insomnia, Pete?
No. That took a couple of years. Every day in the studio was hard for me—I was in an acute anxiety state. But I surrounded myself with really good people, and there was a power between us that I guess was just bigger than whatever my anxiety was. The odd thing is that when I listen to the album now, it sounds like some of my happiest music ever. When “Relator” comes on, it puts a smile on my face every time—it sounds so fun.


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