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Hypothetical Gaga

Seventeen designers and artists reimagine the pop star.


On May 23, Lady Gaga will release her third album, Born This Way, which the humble star promises will be “the greatest album of this decade” and “something so much deeper than … a fucking meat dress.” Since Gaga is all about transformation and the shock of the new, we asked trendsetting fashion and theatrical designers, illustrators, and cartoonists to try to top said meat dress. Just how different are the visions of this year’s Pulitzer Prize–winning editorial cartoonist, Mike Keefe, and cutting-edge couturiers the Blonds? Not as far apart as you might think.

Note: After consulting with the artist Tim Hensley we've decided to take down his drawing and he is donating his fee to a cleft palate charity. We offer our sincere apologies to the community.


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