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Duran Duran
“Girls on Film” (1981)
An unknown British band makes T&A a staple of music videos.

John Taylor, Band Member: “Girls on Film” is pretty fucking insane. I mean, it’s like Penthouse or Hustler. It’s cheesy! But it worked.
Lol Creme, Co-Director: Duran Duran’s managerstold us they were going to break the band in America by making an outrageous video.
Kevin Godley, Co-Director: They wanted a video that would be controversial. I went to the south of France with a fashion crowd for a few weeks and Lol went to L.A. When we came back together, he’d seen some mud wrestling and I’d seen fashion shows. We thought, What if we did a sort of catwalk show, but with sumo wrestling and sex?
Taylor: There’s no plot to “Girls on Film.” The only plot was to set up some sexy scenes with girls.
Simon Le Bon, Band Member: Those two models in the video completely polarized the band. I liked the dark one. John liked the blonde one.
Godley: Someone mentioned that at porno shoots, in order to get an erect nipple, you put some ice on it. So we said, “Why not?”
Le Bon: My favorite moment is definitely the ice cube on the nipple.
Godley: Subsequently, it was edited for MTV, which made it a little less raunchy.
Le Bon: It was banned. That was the best thing that could ever have happened to it, really. Godley: It had glamour, it had polish, it had sex, it had good-looking boys, girls sliding on poles. It was a dirty film. In hindsight, it had the ingredients that became MTV-able. If it was influential, I can only apologize.

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