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Underground Gourmet


WILLAM B. JOHNSON: Johnson plays alone or with his band Drumadics, a madcap group of drummers and horn players.
SOUNDS: Funky, sweaty free jazz. “I’m a painter. I just don’t use red, blues, and greens―I use bucket drums and horns.”
BEST OF THE SUBWAY: It’s in New York. “We set the bar. I challenge any band in the world on any street in the world. I set up, you’re in trouble.”
WORST: “I’ve been arrested close to a hundred times. You’re down at the Tombs and it’s two in the morning and you might not see a judge for two days. One dude is there for attempted murder, another beat up his girlfriend. And what are you here for? Man, playing music in the subway.”

Listen: Times Square Performance

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