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Bring Da Ruckus


Which Wu Is Who?
Know Your Clan Members.

RZA, 38 (a.k.a. Prince Rakeem)
Creative and business mastermind. Producer of all group albums. Encyclopedic knowledge of kung-fu movies. Composes movie soundtracks. Current Hip-Hop Chess Champion.

Raekwon, 37 (a.k.a. the Chef)
“Resident slang master,” according to RZA. First solo album basically introduced Mafia lore to rap. Called “the Chef” because of his rumored skill at cooking illicit substances.

GZA, 41 (a.k.a. Genius)
Cousin of RZA and ODB. Introduced RZA to Islam. Writes methodical, succinct rhymes in complete sentences. RZA’s main chess rival. Claims to have stopped smoking weed.

U-God, 37 (a.k.a. Baby U)
Appears on only two tracks of 36 Chambers (he was in jail during recording). Known for his deep voice and a wicked temper. Once accused RZA of sabotaging his career and briefly quit.

Masta Killa, 38 (a.k.a. Noodles)
Quietest member. Brooklynite for life. Formidable chess player. Last to join the group; wasn’t even an emcee. A vegetarian, like RZA, GZA, and Rae.

Ghostface Killah, 37 (a.k.a. Tony Starks or Pretty Toney)
Most high-profile and prolific solo artist. Constantly feuding with RZA. Attire includes lots of red and paisley, giant gold chains, and, early on, a hockey mask.

Ol’ Dirty Bastard, R.I.P. (a.k.a. Dirty, ODB, or the Professor)
Cousin of RZA and GZA. Extensive arrest sheet (weed, stole a pair of $50 shoes from Foot Locker). Broke out of rehab to play a Wu concert.

Method Man, 36 (A.K.A. the Panty Raider)
Heartthrob and first breakout star. Had a failed MTV sitcom with fellow rapper Redman. Plays a drug dealer on The Wire. According to GZA, stoned on average “eighteen hours” a day.

Inspectah Deck, 37 (a.k.a. Rebel INS)
Often kicks off the first verses of tracks, in particular 1993’s debut single, “Protect Ya Neck.” Earned his name by being particularly observant on the street— the inspector.

Cappadonna, 38 (a.k.a. Cappachino)
A close “affiliate” of Wu-Tang for many years. Makes “30 to 50 percent” what the others do. Calls himself a “minister.” Plans to start a limo fleet, or become a hairdresser.

8 Diagrams
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