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‘The Coast of Utopia’ by the Numbers

Just how enormous an undertaking is Tom Stoppard’s epic three-evening play about nineteenth-century Russian intellectuals? As the first third opens this weekend, a selective breakdown.


• Actors: 44

• Speaking roles: 82

• Female speaking roles: 28

• Cat roles: 1

• Current actors with more than three degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon: Zero

• Actors who’ve been in a project with Kevin Bacon: 2; Billy Crudup (Sleepers) and David Cromwell (Picture Perfect)

• Number of actors auditioned: 757

• Number of actors cast who have recently broken up with famous actresses who were pregnant or have very young children: 2 (Crudup and Ethan Hawke)

• Number of man-hours that will have been spent rehearsing: 30,712

• Bottles of filtered water consumed by cast and crew nightly: 27

• Previews cut short so far because an actor fainted onstage: 1 (Richard Easton)

• Years covered by the play: 1833–1868

• Number of years since Stoppard began writing it: 8

• Total scenes: 66

• Writers and thinkers referenced in Act One: 22

• Foreign languages in which complete sentences are spoken: 4 (Russian, French, German, Italian)

• Serfs freed (offstage): 50 million

• Total budget: $7.5 million

• Number of leaves that fall on the set: 276

• Number of other Broadway shows set designer Bob Crowley has juggled this year: 3 (The History Boys, Tarzan, Mary Poppins)

• Number of costumes: 450

• Number of hair and wig people backstage: 3

• Running time of marathon performances scheduled for December: 12 hours

• Number of bathroom or meal breaks scheduled during said marathon: 5

• Estimated cost of a babysitter for the day and evening: $210


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