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Prank You Kindly


Mission: Flash Wave
On May 16, 700 people stood side by side on the Brooklyn Bridge, cameras in hand, braving a downpour. At Todd’s cue, they set their flashes one by one, so drivers on the Manhattan Bridge could watch the wave of light (in blue) glide across the river.   

All photos by Chad Nicholson  

Mission: Six-Story Dance Party
Seventy-five people performed jumping jacks and a choreographed dance in the DSW building on Union Square.

Mission: Befuddle Best Buyers
Donning blue golf shirts and khaki pants, 80 people invaded Best Buy on 23rd Street. When asked if they worked there, they simply said “no.”

Mission: Freeze in Grand Central
This winter, 207 people froze for five minutes during the station’s midday rush. One bewildered bystander tried to tip an agent over.

Mission: Invade A&F, Shirtless
Taking a cue from the Fifth Avenue Abercrombie & Fitch’s semi-nude greeters, 111 men de-shirted and went shopping topless.

Mission: Cell-Phone Symphony
Sixty people entered the Strand and checked their bags with cell phones. Then another 60 placed calls.


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