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Smarty Pants


What the audience really thought about the “Project Runway” finale show in Bryant Park.

[Before the show] I’m rooting for Michael. I like to say he’s the black male version of me. [Afterward] Uli’s collection was amazing. I loved Michael’s, too, but it was a bit repetitious. Was it Baby Phat or was it Gucci?
Chloe Dao, last season’s winner

Oh, I don’t want to say! I’m on this new interior-design show on Bravo, and I can never choose. That’s probably why I’m going to get fired—I don’t like to judge people.
Cynthia Rowley

Uli’s was the most polished—I would buy it. [Salman Rushdie and I] watch whenever there’s a marathon; we watched them all in a row one weekend. I don’t know why anyone thinks it’s ruining fashion.
Padma Lakshmi, Top Chef host

They all had the same problem: lack of consistency. I don’t know these people’s names. The first guy [Jeffrey], I got lost. And his green-striped dress looked weirdly Tim Burton. The German chick was the strongest.
Robert Verdi

I’ve never watched the show … Can you believe it? Uli was the best. The architect [Laura] was a little too Oscar night with every single thing. And the last one [Michael’s], it just felt cheap, like Strawberry went high fashion.
Thom Filicia


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