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Six Shows, Six Audience Models
Every TV program now has its distinctive set of niche audiences—and if a network can cobble together a viewership from those niches, it’s a lot more likely to keep that show on the air.

Yellow: Same-day viewing. Orange: "Live plus seven". Green: Same-week encores. Magenta: Video on Demand. Cyan: online Streaming. Black: Radio simulcast/iTunes podcast.
JustifiedFX. Season Average. Same-Day Viewing: 2.4 million. "Live Pluse Seven": 3.4 million. Same0week encores: 3.3 million. Video on Demand: 700,000. After next-day ratings slipped to 2.3 million viewers last spring, The Hollywood Reporter mused that this neo-Western could be "all hat and no cattle." But nearly two thirds of viewers were watching days later. By May, FX had enough data to order a second season.Sources: Fx Research; Nielsen; Industry Estimates (For VOD) Dancing with the StarsABC. Season Average. Same-Day Viewing: 19.1 million. "Live Pluse Seven": 19.8 million. Online Streaming: 356,000. It's a monster hit, but its older-skewing viewership likes to tango in real time: The 3.6 percent bump it gets from DVRs is among the tiniest in network entertainment. (Even American Idol adds 8 percent.) A last gasp of the old business model.Sources: Nielsen; ABC
60 MinutesCBS. Season Average. Same-Day Viewing: 13.1 million. "Live Pluse Seven": 13.3 million. Radio Simulcast/iTunes Podcast: 500,000. The CBS newsmagazine still cracks the Nielsen top twenty, and almost everyone sees it on Sunday night—plus a few viewings via DVR, radio, podcasts, and a new iPad app. Advertisers are willing to pay extra for its high-household-income audience.Sources: CBS News; Nielsen FringeFox. Season Average. Same-Day Viewing: 5.6 million. "Live Pluse Seven": 7.3 million. Online Streaming: 1.5 million. The conspiracy thriller is a poster child for series saved by the DVR. Barely a blip in the overnights, the May finale surged 30 percent when DVR usage was figured in (among viewers under 50, the overall gain was 40 percent). Streaming is significant, too, via Hulu and Fx Research; Nielsen; Industry Estimates (For Hulu and
GleeFox. Season Average. Same-Day Viewing: 11.1 million. "Live Pluse Seven": 13.4 million. Online Streaming: 3.2 million. A 20 percent gain via DVR is great, but it's those Web streams that prove Glee's young audience is watching the show wherever it can. Almost as many people watch Glee online as watched the second episode of Lone Star on Fox proper.Sources: Fx Research; Nielsen; Industry Estimates (For Hulu and Mad MenAMC. Season Average. Same-Day Viewing: 2.9 million. "Live Pluse Seven": 6.1 million. Video on Demand: 600,000. AMC executives get testy when the Mad Men audience is described as "tiny." Here's why: Once you factor in all the airings and the DVR and VOD viewers, the show pulls in more people than major network series like American Dad and Ugly Betty did last season.Sources: AMC; Nielsen


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