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The Five: Game of Thrones

The most dragon-filled show on television returns to HBO for its third season on March 31.


1. Look of Thrones
Costume designer Michele Clapton—whose pieces will be on display in the International Game of Thrones Exhibition in New York from March 28 through April 3—explains her process for creating the style of the wildlings.

1. “Continuity was impossible. You need to see the actors’ faces, so they have to be exposed; they can’t wear hoods or masks. You’d cut away from an actor and ten minutes later his beard is frozen. Jon Snow went through a lot on those shoots. And I get lots of letters saying, ‘Why can’t they wear hats?’ ”

2. “We found these huge, long leather needles that are eight or nine inches long. We used them to sew the costumes with these rolled-up leather ropes, so the clothes look like they’re held together by animal guts.

3. “The costume takes a long time to put on—about 25 minutes. So we have to make discreet keyholes for the male actors.

4. “We had to make crampons—and we didn’t want to get modern crampons—so we ended up getting modern gear and then modifying it with antlers to look real. It was quite a lengthy process to make that work.”

5. “We filmed them in Iceland, so the clothes have to work in the Arctic temperatures and not just be a big pile of fur. But the actors are able to wear their normal Arctic thermals underneath.” —As told to Alex Yablon

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