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Misery Loves Company


Romano, right, with Royce on set.   

Critics love the show, but it struggles to capture more than 2 million viewers a week. The studio has yet to pick it up for a third season, which means this could be it. The network “likes us” ­Romano says. “But they need to wait until the season ends to do the numbers. It’s television, so who knows.”

In the meantime, he’s got therapy twice a week. “We don’t have enough time for the big stuff,” he says. “Just my little neuroses. We don’t want to fix too many things because then we don’t have a show.” He’s also “pretending” to write a screenplay at the Warner Bros. office he’s had for close to eight years. Two of his four children, the twins, are graduating from high school. “And then there’s my wife,” he says, laughing at how the afterthought mention must sound.

While Romano admits he’s numerically older than his role (53 to be exact), he won’t classify himself as middle-aged. “I will say this: When I’m flipping channels on Saturday morning and those half-hour commercials come on for the neck thing? You know the— where they fix your neck, the turkey neck? In like only an hour? And they show the before and after? I’m not stupid, I know the tricks, with the lighting and the makeup and the … But I watch the whole thing. I go online afterward to look up more. Ten years ago, it would have been straight to porn.”


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