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An extraordinary TV season, and the rules that shaped it.


With lessons from a few of the year’s best: Betty White, Tracy Morgan, Modern Family, The Good Wife, Justified, Ted Danson, Breaking Bad, Parks and Recreation, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Party Down, Dexter, and 30 Rock.
1: Embrace Change
The industry is in turmoil. Hooray! By Michael Hirschorn
2: Stick With What Works
An old tradition of scene-stealing comics gets a kick in the @#% from Betty White and Tracy Morgan.
Modern Family3: Be Biting and Sweet
Modern Family rewrites the family sitcom.
Good Wife4: Plotting, Not Plodding
The Good Wife's complex procedural is made exquisitely simple.
Parks and Rec5: Don't Sacrifice the Character for the Joke
Amy Poehler gets de-cartoonified on Parks and Rec.
Bored/Damages6: Pick the Right Cad
Ted Danson's genuinely endearing sociopath.
Rupaul7: Accept the Inevitable
Product endorsements aren’t going away, so RuPaul’s Drag Race works them.
Dexter8: It’s Never Too Soon to Suck Them In
Dexter's opening montage is a bloody good idea.
Justified9: Build a Better Hero
Justified nixes the kids, keeps the hat.
Breaking Bad10: Think (and Shoot) Big
Vision doesn’t end with the writing on Breaking Bad.
Party Down11: Less Can Be More
Party Down uses its tiny budget for inspiration.
30 Rock12: Write the Perfect Joke
Or just hire Tina Fey.
Lost finaleAdvice for the Lost Finale Writers
Vets from The X-Files, The O.C., and more share tips.
UpfrontsThe 2010 Upfronts
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