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Pretty Becki


Newton with Ferrera on Ugly Betty.  

She does her best work playing off Urie, who, as Mode peon Marc, brings the fashion-gay stereotype to an inspired level of bitchiness. Their easy banter is oddly soothing, given the vicious nature of their conversations; it’s a chemistry that stems from their real-life friendship—a sort of middle-school best-buddiness that I can only imagine irks their fellow cast mates. “Michael and I basically share a brain,” says Newton. “Something will happen and we’ll start laughing hysterically and no one else will know what’s funny. Sometimes we don’t know what’s funny!” Ugly Betty’s writers quickly picked up on their connection. “They started writing scenes for us right away. Even awful people in an office have friends. It humanizes the two of them.”

Newton is thrilled to be living in New York full-time again (the show moved from L.A. this season). Our city is, after all, where Mode is located. It also provided the setting for Newton’s classic meeting with her husband, actor Chris Diamantopoulos. Newton was in the Times Square subway station when he tapped her on the shoulder. “He asked me if I wanted to see him on Broadway naked,” she says. Before you get the wrong idea, it should be noted that he was starring in The Full Monty at the time. “It could have been creepy, but it was so cute!” The couple has settled back in their old apartment. “I never thought I’d end up on a show shot in New York. I’m not cut out to be a detective on Law & Order—I laugh too easily,” she says. Furthermore, her fashion-forward wardrobe finally makes sense. “It’s so fun to be walking around in my crazy Amanda outfits. People on the street here actually dress that way!”


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