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Final Approach


Dean Cain, not as buff as he was in his Superboy phase, plays a defrocked FBI agent who must save a passenger plane from Freedom First, a white-supremacist terrorist cult demanding that their lunatic leader be released from the pokey, while also hoping to collect a billion dollars in bearer bonds from a couple of bankers whose wives have been kidnapped. This takes three hours and so much blue-eyed overacting on the part of Anthony Michael Hall, who seems like such a nice guy on Dead Zone, that next time you will want to go by Greyhound. Fortunately, the Cain character is married to a Lea Thompson character, and the Ernie Hudson character isn’t as bad as he led us to believe, and even though many a hysterical passenger will be roughed up, Cain is lucky enough to be seated next to a retired aeronautics engineer. Look out below.

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Saturday, May 24, 8 P.M.


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