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The Closer


Hurrah. Kyra Sedgwick’s Brenda Johnson is not only back for another summer season as deputy chief of priority homicide at the Los Angeles Police Department but also back from her surprise fling with ambivalence and prevarication last December, when, in a special holiday-movie version of The Closer , she lied to absolutely everybody, from her boss at the office to her mother in an RV. In this week’s opening episode, she suspects (spoiler alert) the wrong man of having set Griffith Park on fire in order to cover up at least one murder (“two smoked, two extra-crispy, one combo platter”), but at least she doesn’t plant evidence or fake a crime scene. If she happens still to be lying to her new landlord, who has specifically told Brenda and her frazzled FBI boyfriend that they can’t have a cat, well, landlords don’t deserve the truth, seldom having practiced it.

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