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Saving Grace


If you were paying attention to the bonus episodes of Holly Hunter’s police-detective series in December, you now know that the biggest issue in Grace Hanadarko’s disorderly life was her childhood molestation by a Roman Catholic priest, Father Murphy. The next biggest issue, as if she needed additional excuses for indiscriminate smoking, drinking, and sex, was her unwitting role in the death of a sister in the Oklahoma City bombing. Her new season begins this week with (spoiler alert) Father Murphy being kidnapped by Grace from a Baltimore retirement home and then murdered by someone else. It also features a heroic police dog on life support, a couple of brief appearances by the seedy angel Earl (Leon Rippy), and the growing-on-me Laura San Giacomo as Grace’s true-believing medical-examiner pal. It’s hard to imagine any more secrets half so fraught, but Holly’s clowning gets closer and closer to dread.

TNT, Mondays starting July 14, 10 p.m.


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