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From Script to Show

Every year, thousands of ideas are pitched to the four big networks. This season, they bought the 429 scripts listed below. The ones that are highlighted became pilots. And this week, we’ll find out which lucky few have earned slots on the air.


Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23 Midwestern gal’s horrible New York living situation.
Bad Mom Grandma raising kids hands them back to Mom (Jenna Elfman).

Untitled Rick Dresser Project Adult siblings and their relationships.
Dealbreaker Based on the Tumblr blog.
Untitled Tim Allen Project Guy’s guy in female-dominated world.
Untitled Dave Walpert Project Brother-sister comedy in the vein of You Can Count On Me.
Untitled Miller Brothers & Wilmer Valderrama Project Latin pop star (Valderrama) discovers he has an 8-year-old son.
Untitled Andy Gordon Project Guy marries into overbearing family.
Man Up Guy fights for manhood in a world of women.
Good Guys, Bad Husbands Three men excel at work but create havoc at home.
Untitled Kang Kelly Project Married couple, seen through flashbacks, before and after kids.
My Formerly Hot Life Forty-year-old woman looks back at the good old days.
Long Flat Balls Friends road-trip to the World Cup. Based on the film.
Understanding Today’s Man Four men’s stories, narrated by the manliest man in the world.
The Girl Upstairs Hot twentysomething is neighbor to a guy she grew up with.
Lost and Found NYC party girl’s 18-year-old son turns up.
My Freakin’ Family Young parents deal with disparate grandparents.
Work It Out-of-work car salesmen dress as women to get jobs as pharmaceutical reps.

Counter Culture Based on the book about diner waitresses.
Untitled DeAnn Heline & Eileen Heisler Project TBD.
Sullivan’s Second Chance Adult siblings going through divorces move in with their parents.
Loser Prep Faculty and students at boarding school.
We’re Just Like You Only Prettier Southern sisters feel like outsiders.
How to Be a Better American Man attempts self-improvement after learning that everyone thinks he’s a jerk.
Kevin’s Life With Women Three sisters raise their kid brother after Mom dies.
Bingo Workplace comedy about an active-senior community.
Plan This Based on the life of L.A. party-planner Mindy Weiss.
Port Love TBD.
Untitled Damon Wayans & Don Reo Project Sitcom star’s TV family adores him; his real family thinks he’s an ass.
Untitled Tony Gama-Lobo & Rebecca May Project Sitcom set in the world of food trucks, based on Al Madrigal’s stand-up.
No Wonder My Parents Drank Based on Jay Mohr’s book.
Untitled Iain Morris & Damon Beesley Project Single dad moves in with Mom.
Untitled Jeff Bowen & Hunter Bell Project Brothers share an OB/GYN practice and a crazy mother.
Untitled Ben Karlin Project TBD.
Rollerworld Irreverent, smart young women are stuck in an economically depressed town.
Bad Taste in Men A hapless dating life; Jennifer Love Hewitt executive-produces.
Hate This Place Multigenerational comedy akin to Modern Family.
Untitled Annabel Oakes Project, a.k.a. Us Against the World Romantic comedy executive-produced by Teri Hatcher.
Sunnyside Adapted from a Swedish show about two couples new to the suburbs.
5 Wives, 3 Secretaries, and Me New York woman returns home to her multiply married Texas father.
Untitled Tommy Dewey & Greg Bratman Project Rich kid hires his not-rich best friend to work alongside him.
Change of Plans Based on Ryan Raddatz’s eccentric childhood, in which his dad ran a family business from their living room.
The Mulligans Widow’s friends move in, forming an unlikely family.
Home Invasion Hyperparenting couple’s plans are torpedoed by relatives.
The Cube Two mismatched cubicle-mates.
Untitled Mari Heller & Cailin Goldberg-Meehan Project Twentysomethings’ New York friendships all revolve around food.
Untitled Padma Lakshmi Project Female chef dumps philandering husband, takes over their business.
Untitled Christopher Moynihan Project, a.k.a. The Wades Blue-collar family moves into a great neighborhood.
Greener Two friends, single and married, envy each other.
The Manzianis Italian-American family moves into Waspy New Jersey neighborhood.
The Other Kennedys Family comedy about a couple with twelve kids, set in the eighties.
Untitled Erica Rivinoja Project Couple deals with two sets of in-laws.
Other People’s Kids Younger guy falls for older mom.
Untitled Ed Burns Project Working-class neighbors are thrown when alpha male moves in next door.
Untitled Kevin Hench Project Man’s man finds his adult son living in a world of Baby Björns.
Untitled Chrissy Pietrosh & Jessica Goldstein Project Female best friends work together.
Untitled Felica Henderson Project Female sports agent and attorney must take in nieces and nephews.
Cartoon Marriage Adventures of a married pair of New Yorker cartoonists; executive-produced by Jennifer Garner.
Joe American Joe Wong and his friends from ESL class pursue Americanness.
Untitled Rob Horn Project Comedy with musical element, about a woman who returns to her Texas family after failing at showbiz.
Tall and Greenbaum Adapted from an Israeli show about brothers who make wedding and bar mitzvah videos.
The Package Deal Man deals with his in-laws.
Boyfred Web designer whose girlfriend goes overseas creates a site so their friends can keep in touch.
Untitled DJ Nash Project Newlywed husband lives two days with his wife, five days with his single friends.
Awkward Family Photos Based on the website.
Mortified Based on the book.
Untitled Betsy Thomas Project Compares relationships when you are 22 and broke with those when you’re 32 and successful.
BILF True-life story about marrying best friend’s kid brother.
Brenda Tucker Quirky single-camera sitcom following a girl’s quest for love.
Smothered A couple and their in-laws; Marcia Gay Harden stars.
Suburgatory Single dad moves teen daughter from the city.

Awkward Situations Based on Danny Wallace’s book.