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From Script to Show



True Lies Adaptation of James Cameron’s film.
Once Upon a Time Woman is drawn into town where fairy tales and magic may be real.
Partners Two female cops are secretly sisters.
Revenge Soap set in the Hamptons.

Behind the Blue Family cop drama.
Crisis White House faces one global event per season.
The River Crew seeks missing adventurer in the Amazon.
Scandal Shonda Rimes drama about a crisis manager.

Human Alien being occupies a person’s body.
Long Gray Line Soap set at West Point.
MI-5 British adaptation about intelligence.
Monte Cristo Daughter of a Madoff-ish victim tries to get revenge.
No. 2 About the vice-president of the U.S.
Grace Dysfunctional family in the world of dance.
Good Christian Bitches Upscale Dallas life; Darren Star executive-produces.

Headhunter Executive recruiter’s life.
Untitled Jessica Goldberg Project Woman profiles victims to solve crimes.
Hallelujah Tennessee town in crisis; episodes include gospel choir. Marc Cherry executive-produces; Michael Apted directs.
Paradise Investigations P.I. in the Caribbean.
Untitled Josh Safran Project Takes people back to life-altering decisions, showing alternatives.
911 Operators Life-saving phone staff.
Born Blue A.I. cops.
The Box City-cops soap.
POV Disgraced law student does hidden-camera investigations.
Hall of Mirrors Spy show: Taken meets Bourne Identity.
Untitled Stephen Chbosky Project Mother-daughter attorneys.
Glimpse Procedural about a cop with amnesia.
Island of Women Soapy medical drama.
City of Night L.A. cops race to solve just-committed crimes.
Courtroom 302 Inside Cook County’s felony courthouse.
Identity Adaptation of British identity-theft drama. Angela Bassett stars.
Untitled Ken Solarz Project Female police commissioner in NYC.
The Man Dates Married male friends drowning in estrogen.
Oath ER surgeon involved with the Russian mob.
Afterwives Soap about the wives of white-collar criminals.
Ghostworld Couple can see future and supernatural worlds.
Inhuman Great criminals have been psychologically cloned; investigators must find them.
Untitled Firefighter Project TBD.
Hunter Gatherer Victimologist procecural.
In Crisis Woman whose story is a mess tries to fix strangers’ lives.
Life After Marriage Breakup and starting over.
Bastards Family soap.
Untitled Romeo & Juliet Project Shakespeare reimagined.
Los Roldan Man saves woman’s life; she hires him to run her company.
Untitled Peter Noah Project. Female lawyer.
Charlie’s Angels The trio returns.
Department Zero Counterterrorism unit.
Nannyland TBD.
The Prince of Tides Based on Pat Conroy’s novel.
Pan Am Glamorous sixties pilots and stews.
Perfect Crimes Vigilante female D.A.
Broome Procedural about a mom–homicide detective.
Edgar Floats Procedural in which lead character exists in two worlds.
I, P.I. Detective gets his moves from seventies TV shows.
Poe Procedural with stories and characters from Edgar Allan Poe.
Untitled Rina Mimoun Teachers Project Adult teachers.
Lost Girls Young women quit their jobs and travel.
Cult Thriller about a devoted TV audience.
Georgetown The O.C. in D.C.

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