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From Script to Show



Vince Uncensored Guy gets honest after a life-changing experience.
Two Broke Girls Pair of 22-year-olds in Brooklyn. Kat Dennings stars.
How to Be a Gentleman Two buddies, one uptight, one not.
Home Game Retired NFL player with wife and daughters.
Untitled Sports-Radio Show Based on Colin Cowherd’s ESPN program.

Untitled Andy Gordon Project Solitary bachelor marries into overbearing family.
To Protect and Serve Boston cop turns stay-at-home dad.
Untitled Bill Callahan Project Guy buys an apartment; neighbors become part of his life.
Untitled Les Firestein Project TBD.
Untitled Joe Port & Joe Wiseman Project Newly blended family includes adult children.
Untitled Tad Quill Project Single father reenters dating world.
Untitled Bill Kunstler Project Extended-family show about a father, his parents, and his siblings.
Untitled John Levenstein Project Family show with a Big Bang Theory quality.
Murses Two male nurses.
Untitled Demetri Martin Project TBD.
Untitled Leah Remini Project TBD.
Untitled Andy Breckman Project Dad has an active imagination.
Untitled Tim Carvell Project Relationship between a guy in his thirties and his sister in her twenties.
Roz American family held together by outspoken mother.
The Assistants A celebrity couple’s staff.
Don’t Tell Steve Twentysomething’s Twitter feed about his roommate.
Untitled Chad Kultgen Project Friends’ relationship changes with age and income.
Untitled Rob Schneider Project Longtime bachelor marries into Mexican-American family.
Significant Others Siblings and their partners.
Raising Men Based on A. J. Jacobs’s Esquire story about parenting boys.
Untitled Sherry Bilsing & Ellen Plummer Project TBD.
Big Boy Guy falls for a woman who has a son his age.
Outvoted Dad with wife and three daughters runs brewpub with his macho brother.
A Little Bit Married Couple trapped between wedded and single.
Second Wind Divorced guys have differing perspectives on singledom.
Untitled Jonathan Goldstein Project Young idealist works for his father-in-law’s company.
Adopted Family Man’s new wife has a daughter he didn’t know about.
The Mother of All Something Sarcastic mom’s Twitter feed; Jessica Alba produces.
Dear Girls Above Me Man writes annoyed letters to neighbors.
Lords of the Playground About a group of fathers.
Free Family life after kids head to college.
Untitled Matt Lawton Project Four very different men brought together by wives and kids.
Untitled Peter Knight Project Suburban dad with a garage band.
Untitled Peter Knight Project Office comedy at a venture-capital firm.
Untitled Jeff & Jackie Filgo Project Four generations of a blue-collar family.

Untitled Michelle Nadar Project Divorced mother moves in with gay friend, blending families.
True Adventures of a Terrible Dater Thirtysomething woman seeks love.
Zits Based on the comic strip.

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