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From Script to Show



Untitled Phil Levin Project Bioengineering and biogenetics expert becomes unlikely test subject.
Smash Glee for adults, about creating a Broadway musical; Steven Spielberg executive-produces.
A Mann’s World The life of a celebrity hairstylist in L.A.
Wonder Woman David E. Kelley’s reboot.
S.I.L.A. Set in the world of politics, law, and crime.
REM Procedural hybrid about a detective leading parallel lives.
Reconstruction After the Civil War, a soldier settles down.

SFX Special-effects house works with the CIA to solve crimes.
Untitled Baitz Project TBD.
Untitled Bryan Fuller Project Modern-day version of The Munsters.
Untitled Jonathan Abrams Project Inside a Facebook-like company.
Untitled Hank Chilton Project A slacker lawyer in Venice.
Untitled Ron Shelton Project Sports reporter.
1-800-AUTOPSY Former medical examiner in L.A. starts up a private postmortem business.
Legends CIA operative specializes in false identities.
Untitled Michael Green Project Cops use artificial intelligence.
Echelon Top-secret program captures virtually all data for government analysis.
87th Precinct Police procedural.
Mission to Mars NASA-like agency plans the trip.
Emily Swan Southern female lawyers.
Untitled Mark Frost Project Cop with artificial intelligence.
Untitled Yahlin Chang Project Pride & Prejudice set in the New York legal world.
Dirty Girls Club Based on the book. Executive-produced by George Lopez.
The Blues Psychologist joins the Philadelphia P.D.
The Eulogist Woman in her twenties moves home to write eulogies.
Untitled Doris Egan Project TBD.
Untitled George Gallo Project Psychiatrist treats unique mental afflictions.
Bohemian Rhapsody Inside the music business.
Ritual Crime Unit Paranormal-crime investigators.
The Fixer Lawyer knows everyone, can fix anything, and has the most fascinating clients in the world.
Love Sick Medical drama centered on four sisters.
Untitled Dario Scardapane Project Miami cop show.
Untitled Peter Elkoff Project Female FBI agent goes undercover to sting a Madoff-like family.
The Rockford Files Seventies private-eye show returns. Steve Carell executive-produces.
Untitled Jennifer Salt Project Soap about celebrity chefs and food culture.
S.A.N.D. Men Inception-like show about dreams.
Vines Horror show set at a winery.
Nine Lives Supernatural thriller about people who’ve had near-death experiences.
Untitled Craig Wright Project Political campaigners.
Untitled Queller Project The personalities behind an Oprah-style TV show.
Prime Suspect Based on the British hit.
Grimm Fairytales meet cops.

The Other Brother Fired 29-year-old attorney moves in with his disapproving mother.
Chemistry Pride and Prejudice with a female psychiatrist and an older cop.
Playboy Sixties clubs, their patrons, and their Bunnies.
The Dark Tower Based on Stephen King’s novels. King executive-produces.
Americano Border-town soap.
Untitled Young Turks Project Twentysomething congressman runs for his dead father’s spot. John Romano and Joe Scarborough executive-produce.
Untitled Noah Oppenheim Project Doctors fighting “incurable” diseases.
17th Precinct Police procedural where magic rules.
Untitled Robert Rovner Project Coroner who switches to work with living patients.
Untitled Ed Napier Project Robin Hood character in a hospital.
The Education of Michael Chance Family soap.
Echoes Young woman, when touching an object, experiences the thoughts of people who have touched it before.
The Square Soap about a neighborhood with race issues.
Odd Jobs Retired special-ops agents travel the country, helping people in need. J. J. Abrams executive-produces.
Ghost Angeles Young L.A. woman realizes that she can talk to the dead.
Zombies vs. Vampires Humans, zombies, and vampires all co-exist.


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