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The New Girls


Peak Vagina

What was your response to the controversy about Two and a Half Men’s Lee ­Aronsohn saying we’d reached “peak ­vagina” and a “labia saturation” point on TV?

L.M.: You shouldn’t be held accountable for things you say on a panel trying to make every­one laugh. But there’s something about “vagina saturation,” those two words together.

E.S.: I couldn’t get past how sexy it was.

L.M.: It was so evocative.

E.S.: It sounds like the name of a boat, or the name of my funk album in the early eighties. No, the whole thing just seems so crazy to me. I was like, “Ugh.” It actually made me tired. You know, shows are for humans and movies are for humans. They’re not for men or women, and whether it’s created by a man or woman—hopefully it’s created by a human! And other humans will enjoy it, be they male or female.


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