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How to Pitch a Drama

Here’s almost every one from the past year that hasn’t yet made it onto your screen. A lucky few (very few) will be produced by 2014.


Highlighted shows have been greenlit for pilots.


Occult: FBI agent gets partner who specializes in the occult.
Those Who Kill: Detective–forensic psychiatrist duo hunt serial killers.


Betrayal: Woman’s paramour defends the man her husband’s prosecuting.
Big Thunder: Based on the Disneyland roller coaster of same name.
Doubt: Cop turned low-rent lawyer works the system.
Forever: Loved ones resurrect exactly as they last were in life.
Gothica: Woman on a quest delves into San Francisco’s supernatural.
Influence: Bipolar genius and ex-con brother motivate and manipulate.
Killer Women: Spin on the Argentine series about a female Texas Ranger.
Lucky 7: Queens service-station employees win the lottery.
Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Avengers-themed series.
Reckless: Man enlists mercenary to rescue his hostage wife.
Westside: Romeo and Juliet in Venice, California.

ABC Family

Chasing Life (a.k.a. Terminales): Young woman is diagnosed with a terminal illness.
The Falls: Modern reimagining of Romeo and Juliet.
The Fosters: A wayward teenager moves in with a lesbian couple.
I Hunt Killers: Serial killer’s son becomes suspect in copycat murders.
Juliet Immortal: Romeo sacrifices Juliet in Shakespearean mash-up.
The Keys: Woman unravels secrets at exclusive Florida resort.
Now and Then: Four teenage girls spend a 1970s summer together.
Recovery Road: Girl finds love in rehab.
Twisted: Alleged sociopath is suspected when fellow student is murdered.


Area 51: Two men discover secrets the government will protect at any cost.
Halt & Catch Fire: A trio confront the corporate behemoths of their time.
Line of Sight: An odyssey of self-discovery follows a man’s plane crash.
Low Winter Sun: Detroit detective murders fellow cop.

Rights of Bill: Sheriff forms his own Wisconsin militia.
The Terror: A Northwest Passage expedition encounters a monstrous predator.
Turn: A group of American spies turns the tide against Britain in 1778.
Untitled LaGravenese-Goldwyn project: New evidence prompts reinvestigation of sensational murder.


The Advocates: Female lawyer and male ex-con team up as victim advocates.
The Anatomy of Violence: FBI agent works with mysterious psychiatrist from her past.
Backstrom: A detective version of Dr. House.
Beverly Hills Cop: Son of Eddie Murphy’s character follows in Dad’s footsteps.
Hostages: A family caught up in a political conspiracy.
Intelligence: Man has a top-secret microchip implanted in his brain.
The Ordained: Kennedy-esque family’s priest son becomes a lawyer to prevent sister’s assassination.
Reckless: Two attorneys clash over sex scandal in Charleston.
Second Sight: Purblind detective uses heightened other senses to solve crimes.
The Surgeon General: Nation’s chief doc battles forces of politics and business.
Under the Dome: A Stephen King adaptation: A transparent dome inexplicably seals off a small town.
Untitled NCIS: Los Angeles spinoff: Mobile team of agents crisscross country solving crimes.


Kingpin: Drug trafficker who wants out gets blackmailed back in.
Quarry: Marine sniper returns home from Vietnam in 1973 and is shunned and demonized.
Sandbox: Veterans clean up Coachella Valley using combat skills.
Sixth Family: Changing face of organized crime post-9/11.


Blink: Dark story of girl’s father in a coma.
Company Town: Aftermath of a scandal atNorfolk Naval Station.
The 100: Juvenile delinquents recolonize Earth.
The Originals: Vampire Diaries spinoff; Klaus returns to New Orleans.
Oxygen: Attempt to integrate humanoid aliens into high school.
Reign: Secret history of survival at the French royal court.
The Selection: Centuries hence, a working-class woman competes for the prince’s hand.
The Tomorrow People: Story of people representing the next stage of human evolution.


Almost Human: Big-city cops get android partners; J. J. Abrams executive-produces.
Boomerang: A family serves as government assassins.
Delirium:A world in which teenage love is cured to keep society safe.
Gang Related: Gang member rises through LAPD ranks.
The List: U.S. marshal hunts person who stole identities when protected witnesses start dying.
Rake: A defense lawyer (Greg Kinnear) takes on desperate cases.
Sleepy Hollow: Modern-day tales of Ichabod Crane.
The Wild Blue: Upstairs, Downstairs–style soap set on aircraft carrier.


The Bridge: U.S. and Mexican detectives hunt serial killer along border.
Crash & Burn: A stuntman trying to survive post-Vietnam, pre-CGI California.
Downtown Dragons: Gangsters in Chinatown fight using traditional techniques.
Fargo: TV adaptation of Coen brothers’ film.
The Strain: Vampire virus infects New York; Guillermo del Toro directs.
Tyrant: An unassuming U.S. family gets drawn into the turbulent Middle East.

Untitled bank-robbery drama: Addiction and bank robbery meet a volatile family dynamic; stars Tim Roth.
Untitled Jonathan Shapiro drama: Ex–police detective works as a fixer.
Untitled music-industry crime drama: L.A. through the lenses of the music business and crime.
Untitled Stephen Belber drama: New York thriller chronicling murder and cover-up.


Badlands: Family toils in blue-collar Wyoming mining town.
Criminal Justice: Adaptation of a U.K. series following a person through the justice system.
The Leftovers: Post-Rapture story of those who didn’t make the cut.

Maison Close: Three women in 1871 Paris conspire to leave a brothel.
The Missionary: Sixties missionary in East Berlin aids the CIA.
The Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death: Fifties housewife obsesses over solving brutal crimes.
Open: Ryan Murphy–produced relationship drama.
Our Father: Powerful pastor fights to rediscover faith in face of enemies.
Paper: Ex-gangster trying to reform himself as debt collector.
The Return of Daniel Shepherd: The disarray after a missing boy returns and his captors are murdered.
Stick Fly: A black family’s trip to Martha’s Vineyard reveals prejudice, adultery. Based on the play.
True Detective: Two detectives’ lives entwine during seventeen-year serial-killer hunt.
Untitled Jeff Nathanson drama: Behind-the-scenes look at an NBA team and owner.
Untitled Thomas Bradshaw–Oprah Winfrey drama: Prestigious college’s first black president and his family enter the limelight.

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