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How to Pitch a Drama



Boom: Story of a North Dakota energy boom.
Bounty Boys: Two friends take odd bounty-hunting jobs.
Brainstorm: Brilliant neurologist whose wit rubs patients the wrong way.
Counsel: FBI recruits ex–Army lawyer as “shadow counsel” to crack case.
Darknet: Cybercrime investigators stumble across plot to alter human evolution.
The Edge: Harvard grad uncovers his finance firm’s secrets while embroiled in FBI investigation.
Graceland: Undercover SoCal house full of DEA, FBI, LAPD agents.
Horizon: Woman in WWII period drama believes aliens killed husband in South Pacific.

Jane Wayne: Criminal-conspiracy scandal ensnares cop and patrol-sergeant husband.
Paging Dr. Freed: Brothers assume medical practice after father’s untimely death.
Untitled Steve Franks drama: Brother and sis take over family’s investment firm.
When the Women Come Out to Dance: Marriage of convenience to Colombian works out well for Miamian seeking office.
Z: Rise of orphaned teen who saves city.

Some Trends:

Supernatural Always Sells
Occult (A&E)
Gothica (ABC)
Paranormal Housewives (Lifetime)

If You Liked the Movie …
The Good Shepherd (Showtime)
Scream (MTV)
Beverly Hills Cop (CBS)
Fargo (FX)
Spartacus spinoff (Starz)

Romeo And Juliet Updates: Hey, It Worked for Baz
Juliet Immortal (ABC Family)
The Falls (ABC Family)
Westside (ABC)

When in Doubt, Try a Serial Killer
Those Who Kill (A&E)
I Hunt Killers (ABC Family)
The Bridge (FX)
True Detective (HBO)
The List (Fox)

More About the Mob
Sixth Family (Cinemax)
Angie’s Body (Showtime)
L.A. Noir (TNT)
Kings of Midnight (Showtime)
Emperor (TNT)

Everyone Likes San Francisco, Right?
Gothica (ABC)
Ironside (NBC)

House Was a Hit; Let’s Try a Ripoff
I Am Victor (NBC)
Backstrom (CBS)
Brainstorm (USA)

Vampires! Vampires! Vampires!
Dracula (NBC)
Vlad Dracula (Starz)
The Strain (FX)

Nineteenth-Century Lit: No Royalties!
Frankenstein (TNT)
Darcy’s Town adapted from Pride & Prejudice (Lifetime)
Sleepy Hollow (Fox)
Wonderland (NBC)
Black Sails adapted from Treasure Island (Starz)

The Book Sold Great
Under the Dome
Stephen King

The Originals
based on The Vampire Diaries

A Bend in the Road
Nicholas Sparks

Tom Clancy’s
Homeland Security


Built-in Name Recognition: Real People and Places in History
Marco Polo
Thirteenth-century China

The White Queen
English royal court

Revolutionary War

Deliverance Creek
Civil War

French royal court

Maison Close
Nineteenth-century France

World War II

L.A. Noir
Mid-century Los Angeles

The Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death
Fifties America

Vlad Dracula
Fifteenth-century Romania

Hatfields & McCoys

The New World exploration era

World War II and, somehow, 1743

We’re Doomed: Apocalypse Shows
The Leftovers (HBO)
The Last Ship (TNT)
The 100 (CW)


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