1. christine ford
    Grassley Reportedly Gives Ford Until Saturday Afternoon to Decide on TestifyingAfter waffling on his initial ultimatum, the Senate Judiciary Chairman grudgingly extended the deadline.
  2. shane bauer
    Shane Bauer Talks Working Undercover at a Private PrisonIn a new book, the investigative reporter toggles between the grim present and brutal history of for-profit incarceration in America.
  3. hurricane florence
    Florence: Already-Catastrophic Floods Are Going to Get Even WorseWaterways throughout the Carolinas are being overwhelmed by the storm’s record rainfall, 17 people are dead, and more water is coming.
  4. brock long
    FEMA Head Doesn’t Get Why People Care About Real Hurricane Maria Death TollHe also used an unfortunate example involving spousal abuse to illustrate his problems with a updated victim estimates.
  5. juan david ortiz
    Border Patrol Officer Suspected of Killing Four Women in TexasAuthorities say a fifth woman managed to escape the suspect and alert authorities.
  6. juan david ortiz
    Border Patrol Officer Suspected of Killing Four Women in TexasAuthorities are calling him a serial killer.
  7. james mattis
    Report: Mattis Not Enough of a Suck-Up for Trump, May Be on the Way OutTrump would prefer a defense secretary who disdains international agreements and laughs at his jokes a little harder.
  8. hurricane maria
    Trump Continues to Promote Puerto Rico Deaths Conspiracy TheoryThe president will never back down from a lie that makes him look good, and this one is no different.
  9. paul manafort
    Paul Manafort to Cooperate With Special Counsel in Possible Blow to TrumpThe surprise agreement, which comes after months of Manafort stonewalling, may be very bad news for the president.
  10. new york primary
    Why Are New York’s Voting Laws So Terrible?The state is embarrassingly behind in making it easier for citizens to cast ballots.
  11. hurricane florence
    Evacuations Begin As Hurricane Florence Bears Down on CarolinasMore than a million people were ordered to leave ahead of the storm, which is forecast to arrive on Friday morning.
  12. ron desantis
    Report: Ron DeSantis Spoke at Conference Organized by Racist ExtremistJust days after making racist remarks himself, this won’t do much for the Florida gubernatorial candidate’s reputation.
  13. cynthia nixon
    Democratic Party Mailer Associating Cynthia Nixon With Anti-Semitism BackfiresIt was roundly condemned over the weekend, and Governor Cuomo was forced to distance himself from it.
  14. bill de blasio
    Cuomo Antagonist Bill de Blasio Won’t Endorse Cynthia NixonHe’s staying out of the race, but it’s no secret who he wants to win.
  15. president obama
    Obama Reminisces About Getting Kicked Out of Disneyland for SmokingKool and the Gang was involved in his story.
  16. nicolas maduro
    Report: U.S. Official Met With Rebel Venezuelans Who Wanted to Overthrow MaduroNothing ever came of the gatherings, but Venezuela’s hardline leader will likely use them to bolster his anti-American bona fides.
  17. tropical storm florence
    Florence Likely to Hit East Coast as Major Hurricane This WeekThe governor of North Carolina has already declared a state of emergency ahead of the storm.
  18. Everything That’s Happened During the First Day of Brett Kavanaugh’s HearingsFurious Democrats and protestors defined the early going.
  19. president trump
    Trump: DOJ Shouldn’t Have Indicted Republicans So Close to an ElectionIf you’re looking for some blatant corruption in your presidential tweets, this will do nicely.
  20. richard trumka
    Trump Celebrates Labor Day by Attacking Labor LeaderThe president honored the spirit of the holiday by working extra hard at angry tweeting.
  21. medicaid expansion
    Obamacare on the Ballot: Will Red-State Voters Expand Medicaid This Fall?In three very conservative states, voters are bypassing resistant lawmakers and putting the question to a popular vote.
  22. brett kavanaugh
    White House Invokes Executive Privilege on Vast Cache of Kavanaugh DocumentsRepublicans are being selective about transparency with their Supreme Court nominee — and they’re likely to get away with it.
  23. politics
    Speeches and Scenes From John McCain’s Memorial in Washington D.C.Speakers, including former presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush, celebrated McCain’s life on Saturday.
  24. daca
    DACA Gets Big Win in Court From Judge Who Thinks It’s IllegalThe never-ending legal drama around the program took a surprising twist on Friday.
  25. beto o'rourke
    Report: Beto O’Rourke Tried to Flee Scene of Drunk-Driving CrashThe Texas Senate hopeful has been open about his past indiscretions, but apparently left some details out.
  26. Trump Administration to Cut Off Aid to Palestinian Refugee ProgramJared Kushner wants to create peace between Israel and the Palestinians by forcing one side to submit.
  27. Puerto Rico Raises Hurricane Maria Death Toll to Almost 3,000A meticulous new study found that 2,975 people perished, making the storm the second-deadliest in American history.
  28. lanny davis
    Blockbuster CNN Trump/Russia Story in More Doubt After Cohen’s Lawyer RecantsLanny Davis now admits he was an anonymous source for a story he says he can’t corroborate.
  29. white house flag
    White House Lowers Flag Back to Half-staff for McCain After Day of OutrageAfter enduring a barrage of criticism, President Trump did the absolute minimum to commemorate a man he clearly despised.
  30. nafta
    Trump Threatens to Kill NAFTA After U.S., Mexico Reach Preliminary Trade DealPresident Trump claims he’ll be terminating the old agreement, but his administration’s actions say otherwise.
  31. jacksonville shooting
    2 Dead After Shooter Opens Fire During Florida Video Game TournamentTwo people were killed and 11 were injured when the shooter, who took his own life, opened fire at a livestreamed Madden competition.
  32. john mccain
    Tributes and Remembrances Roll In for John McCainThe Arizona senator left a complex legacy, but was personally beloved by fellow lawmakers, colleagues, and reporters.
  33. hurricane lane
    Hurricane Lane Downgraded to Tropical Storm As Hawaii Escapes CatastropheThe storm continues to dump rain on parts of the state, but things could have been considerably worse.
  34. federal unions
    Federal Judge Strikes Down Trump Rule to Rein In Federal UnionsThe decision is a major win for the union workers — at least for now.
  35. yemen war
    U.N. Says Saudi Bomb Kills 22 Children in YemenFor the second time in a matter of weeks, a military campaign backed by the United States takes an unimaginable toll.
  36. allen weisselberg
    Prosecutors Grant Immunity to Trump Organization CFOAnother integral member of Trump’s inner circle has flipped.
  37. trump organization
    NYC DA Mulls Slapping Trump Organization With Criminal ChargesBecause Trump wouldn’t be able to pardon his way out of this, it’s a potentially momentous development.
  38. michael cohen
    Michael Cohen Says Trump Directed Him to Commit Campaign-Finance ViolationsCohen pleaded guilty to eight charges, and faces multiple years in prison.
  39. north korea
    U.N. Watchdog: North Korea Hasn’t Stopped Making NukesBut…but Trump said we didn’t have to worry about this anymore!
  40. jakiw palij
    ICE Deports Last Known Nazi Collaborator Living in AmericaJakiw Palij is 95 years old and lived in Queens, until Tuesday morning.
  41. ice
    Trump Boasts That Latino Immigration Agent ‘Speaks Perfect English’He also repeatedly called Customs and Border Protection the wrong name during an event celebrating the organization.
  42. rudy giuliani
    Rudy Giuliani Clarifies That He Didn’t Mean to Go Full OrwellHe didn’t say what you think he said, he says.
  43. john brennan
    Bolton, Giuliani Attack John Brennan as Unprincipled Lover of IslamA nice, meaty, Sunday-afternoon stew of hypocrisy and prejudice.
  44. rudy giuliani
    Giuliani Goes Full Orwell: ‘Truth Is Not Truth’War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Trump is innocent.
  45. ice
    ICE Arrests Husband Who Was Taking Wife to Give Birth at HospitalThe agency says he is wanted on an outstanding murder charge in Mexico.
  46. omarosa
    Source Says Omarosa Has Videos, TooMore documentary evidence, more potential headaches for the Trump administration.
  47. carey dean moore
    Nebraska Executes Man 3 Years After Legislature Banned Capital PunishmentIn a first, the state used fentanyl to help put someone to death.
  48. omarosa
    New Omarosa Tape Lends More Credence to Possibility of Trump N-word Recording“He said. No, he said it. He is embarrassed by it.”
  49. jeremy corbyn
    Corbyn, Netanyahu Tangle Over Corbyn’s Involvement in Tribute to TerroristsThe accusations of anti-Semitism that have trailed the Labour Party aren’t going away anytime soon.
  50. peter strzok
    Embattled FBI Agent Peter Strzok Fired From Agency Over Anti-Trump TextsIn a troubling sign, the agency’s deputy director overruled a more lenient bureau recommendation.
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