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    The Culthopping Twins Who Have Been Evangelicals, Rappers, and Digital NomadsThey’ve been juicers, rappers, Evangelicals. One ran for Congress. But no matter where these brothers go, they can’t quite seem to fit in.
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    Plotting a Trump Dinner Party With Washington’s Most Famous HostessEvery time a new administration sweeps into town, Sally Quinn offers tips on making nice with the locals. This January will be no exception.
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    Nate Silver on What the Polls Got Wrong, and Right, About This ElectionAnd what he got wrong, and right.
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    The Kink in Elon Musk’s HyperloopThe dream of zipping from San Francisco to Los Angeles in 35 minutes has run into a few speed bumps.
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    An MIT Scientist Claims That This Pill Is the Fountain of YouthLeonard Guarente is certain he’s succeeded where doctors (and quacks) before him have failed. His pill will either extend lives or tarnish his career.
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    An MIT Scientist Claims That This Pill Is the Fountain of YouthLeonard Guarente is certain he’s succeeded where doctors (and quacks) before him have failed. His pill will either extend lives or tarnish his career.
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    In the Battle at SeaWorld, the Whales Have WonScore one for the cetaceans.
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    The Blackest Black Ever KnownLight enters but virtually none of it escapes; 99.965 percent is absorbed.
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    The Epic Fail of Hollywood’s Hottest AlgorithmWhen Ryan Kavanaugh wasn’t hanging out with Bradley Cooper, or leasing a horse for Kate Bosworth, or negotiating a Golden Globes shout-out from Christian Bale, or bringing a baby wolf to the office, he was talking up the sweetest game in Hollywood: the chance to invest in movies that seemed certain to succeed.
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    Can Steve Huffman Save Reddit From Itself?He co-founded Reddit. Sold Reddit. Watched Reddit grow. Watched Reddit flounder. Watched Reddit mutiny. Now he’s back, to try to pull Reddit back from the brink.
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    Boswick the Clown Doesn’t Understand Why Adults Are So Scared of HimIs clown fear among adults a jokey affectation that has become easy to adopt as clowns fade into irrelevancy and the number of people who’ve seen one in real life dwindles?
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    Sitting Shiva With Larry DavidEveryone’s favorite curmudgeon is bringing his particular brand of disagreeability to Broadway. In a play about the ultimate nothing.
  13. Sitting Shiva With Larry DavidEveryone’s favorite curmudgeon is bringing his particular brand of disagreeability to Broadway. In a play about the ultimate nothing.
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    The Bitcoin Boy: 16-Year-Old Erik Finman Is in His Silicon Valley PrimeDemand for tech prodigies is at an all-time high. So is the supply.
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    Who Wants to Dress Like Ryan Seacrest? A Lot of People, Presumably.He’s trying his luck at men’s suits.
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    Kara Swisher: Tech’s Most Powerful SnoopThe combination of access and toughness has made her a preeminent arbiter of status.
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    Is Terry Richardson an Artist or a Predator?One of the most famous photographers in the world is also now one of its most vilified. 
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    What’s So Alluring About a Woman Known As Man Repeller?Leandra Medine’s attitude: Women should dress not for men, nor even for other women, but for themselves.
  19. Here, Let Ezra ExplainWhat is D.C.’s most famous young policy wonk doing leaving the Washington Post? Trying to start a news organization he thinks could one d […]
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    Nikki Finke and Jay Penske’s Business Romance“Never say never. It’s entirely possible that Jay and I make up. Anything is possible.”
  21. Who Killed Michael Hastings?Reflexively distrustful, eager to make powerful enemies, the young journalist whose Mercedes exploded in Los Angeles one night couldn’t possibly […]
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    The Death of Buckwild Star Shain GandeeIn Gandee, MTV found the real thing: a magnetic, unself-conscious reality-television star.
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    Investigating Big Foot With Pot-Evangelizing Fear Factor Host Joe Rogan“I don’t believe, but I don’t not believe, you know?”
  24. Smoke Without FireA little company called NJOY thinks it has finally designed an electronic cigarette that doesn’t look ridiculous. But would James Dean have smok […]
  25. 32. Because If They Make It Here, You’ll Be Able to Make Anything Anywhere.MakerBot’s industrial revolution.
  26. The Sinking of 22nd StreetArt and commerce underwater.
  27. Autism Spectrum: Are You On It?If so, you’re in good company. From Asperger’s to “Asperger’s,” how the spectrum became quite so all-inclusive.
  28. Crystal Takes HollywoodNBC’s most valuable commodity this fall: an irresistible, virtuoso capuchin monkey.
  29. What Will the Fashion World Do With Kim Kardashian?The sweetest Kardashian loves clothes, models clothes, designs clothes, and has become, with her boyfriend, Kanye West, half of the world’s most enthusiastic fashion couple. If only fashion would return the fervor.
  30. tomkat
    An Inquiry Into the Very Public Private Marriage of Katie Holmes and Tom CruiseAn inquiry into the very public private marriage of Holmes and Tom Cruise.
  31. 46 Minutes With George StephanopoulosTaking in the view from the top with the unlikely new king of morning television.
  32. Château SuckerRare-wine collectors are savvy, competitive guys with a taste for impossible finds. The biggest hoax in history took place right under their noses.
  33. The Twee PartyIs artisanal Brooklyn a step forward for food or a sign of the apocalypse? And does it matter when the stuff tastes so good?
  34. Those Fabulous ConfabsSmart talk has never been such a valuable commodity. It’s spawned conferences like TED, Davos, and now a slew of upstart competitors. It has mad […]
  35. The Virgin FatherTrent Arsenault has never had sex, but he’s the father of fifteen children—and counting. The more he antagonizes the FDA, and unnerves televisio […]
  36. The Mad Baker of Sullivan StJim Lahey helped cook up New York’s modern artisanal-bread movement. Lately, he’s been experimenting with fermentations, airport cuisine, and st […]
  37. Degree of SmileynessGary Oldman fretted about reprising the Le Carré Cold Warrior role Alec Guinness made famous.
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    Zachary Quinto on His Financial Crisis Movie Margin Call, Playing the Villain, and Occupy Wall StreetIt’s the first time he’s publicly confirmed that he’s gay.
  39. What’s Up, Spock?He might be a famous Vulcan, but Zachary Quinto has no problem being fully human.
  40. Piers Morgan Isn’t Sleeping WellCNN’s new Larry King made his name in the scandal-chasing, privacy-invading British tabloid gutter. He’s now ascended to cable-news royalty, […]
  41. Wall Street WestThe backup plan that wasn’t.
  42. GitmoDespite the fast-food counters, Twilight Zone endures.
  43. The Comeback That Wasn’tWhen Martha Stewart returned from prison, the future looked awfully bright.
  44. duly noted
    New Yorker Writer Gets ‘Friendly’ With SubjectsIn which we observe Tad Friend’s magnificently repetitive use of a certain technique.
  45. The Ravenous and Resourceful Sandra LeeDetermined to become a down-market Martha Stewart, she parlayed her miserable childhood into a Food Network empire for those of limited means. N […]
  46. The Geek-Kings of SmutAfter once being the best thing that ever happened to porn, the Internet is now wreaking havoc: destroying some fortunes, making bigger ones, an […]
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    Monetizing the Celebrity MeltdownBuying Neverland Ranch was one of many opportunities seized by Tom Barrack, a billionaire who found a market in distressed-celebrity real estate.
  48. Monetizing the Celebrity MeltdownTom Barrack, a billionaire investor who made his fortune in real estate, has discovered a market in distressed celebrities. With Neverland Ranch […]
  49. You Can Do Anything in BushwickThe Roberta’s DIY empire.
  50. On a RollHow a lobster glut in Maine has democratized, and energized, crustacean cuisine in New York.
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