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  1. anti-vaxx
    Jessica Biel Attempts to Clarify That Whole Anti-Vaxx ThingAfter news broke that Biel was lobbying against a vaccine bill, the actress took to Instagram to say she was “not against vaccinations.”
  2. cut chat room
    Cut Chat: Reminiscing About Nineties Heeled Loafers, Now Back in StoresYou know you had a pair too.
  3. cut chat room
    Coed Teen Sex-and-Sleepovers: A Cut ChatParenting do or parenting don’t? 
  4. cut chat room
    Cut Chat: Sisterhoods of Traveling Thongs, Slutbags, and SlampiecesThe week in vulva insults.
  5. cut chat room
    Can You Stop Your Mom From Commenting Online?The Cut discusses mommenters.
  6. cut chat room
    On Amanda Bynes, Who Wants Drake to ‘Murder Her Vagina’The meaning, consequences, and etiquette of Amanda Bynes’s Twitter request.
  7. photo ops
    And Now, a Picture of Mitt With Office SuppliesYou knew it was coming.