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  1. the best. really.
    What’s the Best Shaving Cream for Men?Twelve men’s-grooming experts on their favorite shaving creams, foams, and soaps for the perfect lather.
  2. testing testing
    The Foam Dispenser That Turns Ordinary Toilet Paper Into Flushable WipesWe tested out the Fohm Co automatic foam dispenser that turns ordinary toilet paper into more eco-friendly flushable wipes.
  3. strat investigates
    3 Chefs on the Food Scissors (Some) People Can’t Help Stealing“I know Carbone uses really nice ones for the mozzarella, but the waiter uses it and walks away, they don’t need to worry about it getting stolen.”
  4. the best. really.
    What Are the Best Jeans for Men?We talked to over a dozen stylists, retailers, and denim experts to find out.
  5. plant week
    The Best Plant Misters, According to ExpertsWatering is essential, but misting them can be just as important — and no one wants to get carpal tunnel from spraying plants.
  6. plant week
    What’s the Next Status Plant (That Isn’t a Fiddle-leaf Fig)?“The next big tree is Ficus Audrey, one hundred percent.”
  7. plant week
    The Best Garden Shears and Pruners, According to ExpertsWe asked some of the country’s leading horticulturalists about their favorite garden shears, pruners, and scissors.
  8. rain week
    What’s the Best Raincoat for Men?Featuring Patagonia, Stutterheim, and a coat designed after Humphrey Bogart’s iconic trench in Casablanca.
  9. recommended by experts
    The Best Hand-Care Secrets, According to Professional Hand ModelsEverything from Neutrogena to Chanel to more “experimental” treatments like emu oil and soursop serum.
  10. everything guide
    The Everything Guide to RainThe $5 umbrellas, shtreimel covers, and block-long stretches of scaffolding in the Financial District keeping New Yorkers dry.
  11. ask the strategist
    Ask the Strategist: How Should I Take Care of My (Newly) Bald Head?“SPF 30 or higher. Higher is better.”
  12. the best. really.
    What’s the Best Thermal Shirt for Men?“A close cut is good. If it’s too loose, you’re in danger of looking like you’re wearing underwear.”
  13. recommended by experts
    The Best Yoga Clothes for Men, According to ExpertsWe asked a bunch of male yogis about their favorite gear.
  14. things we don't talk about
    The Best Manscaping Tools, According to Experts“You can do the front on your own, but you cannot do the back.”
  15. things we don't talk about
    The Best Sex Toys for Men, According to ExpertsIt’s time to get familiar with the “P-spot.”
  16. recommended by experts
    The Best SAD Lamps, According to Experts“The bigger, the better.”
  17. recommended by experts
    Everything You Need to Not Kill Your Orchid, According to ExpertsForget everything you’ve heard about ice cubes.
  18. this thing's incredible
    I Have Been Buying These Sheepskin Slippers for More Than 15 Years“If I’m in my apartment, I’m wearing these goofy-looking, plush, chunky, and undeniably Ugg–adjacent sheepskin slippers.”
  19. year in review
    The Best Thing I Bought This Year Was a (Now 4-Foot) Fiddle-Leaf Fig From AmazonThe fiddle-leaf fig might be the avocado toast of house plants, but still, there’s no denying its charm.
  20. the hard to shop fors
    28 Best Gifts for Boyfriends and Husbands, According to Boyfriends and Husbands“I remember one time someone got me a bunch of these wool socks — like six pairs — and it was the best winter ever.”
  21. the hard to shop fors
    The 27 Best Gifts for Teenage Boys, According to Teenage Boys“Gift cards are amazing for anything and everything.”
  22. cyber monday
    If You Buy One Thing Today, Make It These Red Wing BootsRed Wing boots are basically impossible to find on sale, but we found “factory seconds” that are over 40 percent off.
  23. recommended by experts
    The Best Low-Light Plants for Office Cubicles, According to ExpertsWe spoke with horticulturalists and plant experts to find six low-light plants that can survive in the extreme environment of office cubicles.
  24. the greatest gift
    What Are the Best Work Boots for Men to Give?We spoke with menswear experts to round up the best work boots for men, from Red Wing to Timberland Pro.
  25. sleep week
    The Best Gifts for Insomniacs, According to an InsomniacInsomniacs don’t want melatonin; the best gifts to give insomniacs are things like silk sleep masks, essential-oil diffusers, and weighted blankets.
  26. strat investigates
    Why Are Gardeners So Crazy About the Haws Watering Can?It’s made of copper, over a century old, and pours water from a brass “rose.”
  27. this thing's incredible
    The Down Detergent That Made My 4-Year-Old Puffer Look Brand NewMy Patagonia down puffer was almost out of commission until I discovered this special down detergent.
  28. this thing's incredible
    The Lamy Safari Is a Fountain Pen for DummiesThe German pen makes my handwriting look expressive and intentional.
  29. painless shopping
    I Bought a Fiddle-leaf Fig From the New Amazon Plants Store“It was just about as seamless a transaction as I could’ve hoped for — as easy and hassle-free as buying a toothbrush.”
  30. trust me i should know
    Everything I Use to Keep My Beard Perfectly GroomedIf you have more than stubble, you need more than a beard trimmer.