1. foreign policy
    What Happens When You Treat Nuclear Diplomacy Like a Reality-TV ShowTrump has had his share of political successes from his reckless, narrative-focused approach. But the real-world dangers are building.
  2. foreign policy
    Trump Pushes a New International Order Based on U.S. BullyingThe administration thinks military might, and threatening to use it, are key. Iran and North Korea developments show the plan is off to a shaky start.
  3. Israel and Palestine Just Slid Further Away From the Possibility of PeaceTrump’s embassy move is an illustration of how far gone the situation in Israel and Palestine is.
  4. foreign policy
    Trump Continues to Rebrand America As Weird and FlakyPulling out of the Iran deal breaks a long U.S. foreign-policy tradition of avoiding surprises — and it works against all the president’s goals.
  5. Did Peace Just Break Out Between North and South Korea?Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in have taken a step toward a new future for their respective countries. But will they take a step back?
  6. foreign policy
    Europe Reveals Its Latest Strategy for Managing TrumpIt’s a two-pronged affair with Emmanuel Macron leading the charm offensive and Angela Merkel talking tough.
  7. foreign policy
    Don’t Mistake Trump’s Airstrikes for a StrategyThe new round of “precision” strikes on Syria don’t lay the groundwork for anything but perpetual bombing runs.
  8. The Moral High Ground on Syria Is EmptyEvery power that could help stop the killing has decided that their own interests outweigh dead innocents.
  9. Mattis Had a Nearly Impossible Task. Now Trump Is Making It Even Harder.From Syria withdrawal to sending troops to the border, squaring Trump’s desires with military policy is a tall order. How long can Mattis keep it up?
  10. foreign policy
    With Kim Jong-un Meeting, China Tells the U.S. It Won’t Be IgnoredXi Jinping threw off summit calculations, and the U.S. must respond with patience and diplomatic skill. Too bad Trump’s team possesses the opposite.
  11. John Bolton, Lover of Drama and Wars, Is a Terrible Fit for His New JobThe national security adviser facilitates sound White House decision-making. Trump hired a super-hawk known for scheming and outbursts.
  12. foreign policy
    The Mess Rex Tillerson Is Leaving BehindHe has been fired as secretary of State. His legacy is chaos at the institution he ran.
  13. foreign policy
    8 Takeaways From Trump Agreeing to Meet Kim Jong-unHere’s what prompted Kim’s stunning invitation, why Trump is game, and what he must do to avoid squandering this opportunity.
  14. trump administration
    Grown-ups Are Not Running America’s Foreign PolicyA group of Model U.N. teenagers could probably pick and execute policies better than this administration.
  15. Strange But True: Headlines From the Middle EastFor years, people have talked about what the Middle East would look like if the United States took a more limited role. That time has come.
  16. foreign policy
    How Will Davos Treat Trump?On one hand, globalist movers and shakers loathe an isolationist. On the other, they love a deal maker.
  17. foreign policy
    The Undead Iran Nuclear DealTrump decertified it — and now might recertify it. Huh?
  18. foreign policy
    Trump’s Tweet Won’t Start Nuclear War — But the Real Danger Is Still TerrifyingWe’re about to see what happens when a powerful country loses credibility so rapidly it doesn’t know it’s gone.
  19. The World in 2018 — What Could Possibly Go Wrong?We escaped 2017 without a major global incident. But the other shoe may be about to drop.
  20. foreign policy
    Making Sense of Trump’s Jerusalem DecisionIt was part showmanship and part cynical calculation.
  21. a problem like korea
    7 Big Questions About North Korea’s Latest — and Longest — Missile TestSome quick calculations suggest it could have hit New York City. Worried yet?
  22. foreign policy
    The Winners and Losers of Trump’s Asia Trip, So FarThe Chinese scored photos of the U.S. president enjoying a red-carpet welcome, but American workers aren’t getting what Trump promised.
  23. a problem like korea
    The Real Things Team Trump Is Trying to Accomplish in AsiaBehind the cheesy photo ops and terrifying tweets.
  24. Trump Tried Reality-TV Tricks in His Iran AnnouncementBut the substance was unmistakable: aggressive posturing accompanied by a punt on most of the major points.
  25. foreign policy
    Trump Decertifying the Iran Deal Won’t Kill It — But There Will Be Dire EffectsHis reported plan to wound the agreement would anger U.S. allies, and make the delicate situations in Iran and North Korea more dangerous.
  26. a problem like korea
    Wait, Are We at War With North Korea Now?Kim Jong Un’s foreign minister said so in no uncertain terms. What now?
  27. Ignore Trump’s Words on Climate and the Paris Treaty — Look at What He’s DoingHe has figured out there’s a strategic advantage in appearing open-minded.
  28. foreign policy
    Why North Korea’s Nuclear Test Should Unnerve and Embarrass TrumpThe dangerous escalation proves that the U.S. and its regional allies must put existential questions ahead of political ones.
  29. a problem like korea
    Why Kim Jong-un Is Keeping Tensions High With TrumpEven as the U.S. president has been ratcheting down his rhetoric.
  30. Could Donald Trump Stumble Into Nuclear War With North Korea?A standoff with no good options is made worse by the unpredictability of Kim Jong-un — and the American president.
  31. foreign affairs
    How Will Trump Handle Putin’s Disappointment?Negotiating a delicate new phase in U.S.-Russian relations.
  32. foreign affairs
    Trump’s Dangerous Game With IranThe nuclear deal was meant to reduce the risk of war. With the president backing away from it, get ready for fireworks.
  33. Nothing About Trump’s Syria Announcement Was NormalIt came out of nowhere, and the backstory was even stranger — and more alarming.
  34. The Syrian War Enters a New Phase — and We’re in ItAssad’s decision to test U.S. pilots last weekend suggests we can’t keep the U.S. fight against ISIS separate from the Syrian conflict any longer.
  35. The World Without AmericaPresident Trump is relinquishing the United States’ global leadership role. But rather than leave a vacuum, other countries are stepping up.
  36. my big foreign trip
    Here’s a Report Card for President Trump’s First Foreign Trip“Needs improvement.”
  37. Trump’s Messy, Mostly Successful Israel VisitLet’s concede that the White House achieved all of its short-term objectives. But there are some ominous signs too.
  38. There’s the Strategic Leaking of Secrets — and Then There’s TrumpHe seems to be heedless about dangers that trip up even cautious public servants.
  39. international affairs
    Is America Becoming a Failed State?The rule of law has been compromised to some extent. Let’s look around the world to see where that leaves us.
  40. international affairs
    Liberals Should Still Be Worried About FranceMacron won big over a right-wing nationalist in France’s election. That was the easy part.
  41. french elections
    The French Presidential Debate Was Shades of Trump-ClintonVicious insults, an overwhelmed moderator, and talk about Hitler.
  42. international affairs
    French Election Proves Politics As Usual Aren’t Dead YetStill, there’s no question that the voting public across the West is terribly alienated from their governments.
  43. international affairs
    Four Foreign Policy Lessons From the North Korea ShowdownKorea watchers and Trump watchers alike can glean insights about the predictable unpredictability underlying this thorny crisis.