1. tropical storm harvey
    Catastrophic Flooding in Houston As Harvey Stalls Over TexasWith days of additional rain forecast for the region, the disaster is likely to get worse.
  2. politics
    Trump Reportedly Signs Order Banning Transgender People From Joining MilitaryTrump follows through on his tweets, but leaves the status of openly transgender active service members up to Secretary of Defense James Mattis.
  3. Harvey Upgraded to Category 4 Storm With ‘Catastrophic’ Rainfall Up to 40 InchesThe storm could hit Texas with winds of 125 miles per hour and cause potentially “devastating floods.”
  4. North Korea Reportedly Launches ‘Short-Range’ MissilesKim Jong-un appears to have fired off three projectiles, one of which blew up in the air, in his latest provocation.
  5. President Trump Signed Order to Ban Transgender People From Joining MilitaryTrump follows through on his tweets, but leaves the status of openly transgender active service members up to Secretary of Defense James Mattis.
  6. Florida Executes Murderer With Drug Never Before Used in Lethal InjectionsConvicted killer Mark James Asay lost his last appeal, and was executed on Thursday night.
  7. Latest Subway Disaster Courtesy of Improperly Secured TrashAn operator failed to secure a refuse train, “causing garbage to fall on the tracks and impact following southbound service,” the MTA said.
  8. U.S. Sanctions Chinese and Russian Individuals and Firms With North Korea TiesA total of 16 companies and people have been targeted in the U.S.’s latest move to squeeze Pyongyang.
  9. Divers Discover Remains of Missing U.S. Sailors As Navy Orders Safety CheckAll ships will have a one-day “operational pause” this week after the U.S.S. John S. McCain collided with an oil tanker.
  10. A Recap of the Great American Solar EclipseInstagram is inundated, and even Donald Trump dons a pair of special glasses.
  11. A Procrastinator’s Guide to Catching the Solar EclipseLast-minute tips for the astronomical event of the century.
  12. tips for surviving nuclear war
    Guam Warns Not to Look at ‘Flash or Fireball’ During Nuclear AttackThe territory’s Department of Homeland Security is prepping citizens in case North Korea strikes, as Trump refuses to back down on his own threats.
  13. U.S. Investment Banker Denies He Shoved London Woman in Front of BusThe private-equity partner was arrested for the shocking crime captured on security video.
  14. what now?
    Trump Thanks Putin for Expelling Diplomats From Russia“I want to thank him because we’re trying to cut down our payroll.”
  15. oh no not again
    Donald Trump Says Nuke Threat to North Korea ‘Maybe Wasn’t Tough Enough’The president finds a way to undo all the clean-up the White House just did on his “fire and fury” comments.
  16. scary things
    Man Wandering Around on the Subway Tracks Wreaks Havoc With Morning CommuteIt made for a bizarre scene, captured on video by one subway passenger.
  17. U.S. Slaps Venezuela With More Sanctions As Maduro Escalates Power GrabAllies of the Venezuelan president are swiftly cracking down on the opposition.
  18. Now You Can Stay at Donald Trump’s Childhood HomeThe home, which was recently bought at auction, is now listed on Airbnb with amenities such as “a giant cut out of Donald in the Living Room.”
  19. Now You Can Stay at Donald Trump’s Childhood HomeThe home, which was recently bought at auction, is now listed on Airbnb with amenities such as “a giant cut out of Donald in the Living Room.”
  20. Has Trump Decided Who’s Going to Take Preet Bharara’s Old Job?A report suggests the White House wants to tap Rudy Giuliani’s colleague at a white-shoe firm.
  21. Trump: North Korean Threats Will Be Met With ‘Fire and Fury’Oh, gosh.
  22. bill de blasio's new york
    Mayor Wants to Raise Taxes on Those Making Over $500K to Pay for Subway RepairsHe announced a boost on high-end income-tax rates to fund public-transit fixes and reduced-fare MetroCards.
  23. Former Knick Charles Oakley Gets a One-Year Madison Square Garden BanHe agreed to the terms as part of a plea deal after he was arrested in February at a Knicks home game.
  24. verdicts
    Martin Shkreli Found Guilty of FraudHe faces up to 20 years in prison.
  25. Attorney General Jeff Sessions Says He’s Cracking Down on Leakers, BiglyMore resources to sniff out the culprits, and a review of the subpoena policy.
  26. talking about the weather
    Extreme Heat Wave Is Cooking the Pacific NorthwestCanadian wildfires are also causing extreme haze in the region.
  27. it's looking grimm
    Report: Michael Grimm Wants to Run for Congress AgainSources are saying the Staten Island politician may be looking to 2018 for a comeback.
  28. It Looks Like H.R. McMaster Is Cleaning House at the NSCA few high-profile firings of Flynn and Bannon allies including one who wrote a bizarre memo warning against “globalists” — are out in recent weeks.
  29. Sorry New York, Trump’s Voter Fraud Commission Is Getting Your InformationDespite Governor Cuomo’s assurances that wouldn’t happen, the Board of Elections complied — though it won’t turn over Social Security numbers.
  30. Senate Republicans Have a Plan to Lower Legal ImmigrationTwo senators, alongside Trump, will propose halving the rate over the next ten years.
  31. Christopher Wray Is Confirmed As New FBI DirectorThe Senate overwhelmingly approved his appointment, 92 to 5.
  32. Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro Scoffs at ‘Emperor’ Trump’s SanctionsThe leader is defiant over his controversial vote as two opposition leaders are reportedly arrested.
  33. U.S. Sanctions Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro After Controversial VoteThe U.S. has frozen the leader’s assets, but stopped short of undertaking broader economic sanctions.
  34. One Way the MTA Could Speed Up Subway RepairsMTA Chairman Joe Lhota said Sunday that the transit agency will shut down more lines overnight.
  35. q&a
    What the Hell Is Happening in Venezuela?The socialist nation is in free fall. The Times’ Andes bureau chief clues us in on what’s going on and what might come next.
  36. bill de blasio's new york
    Mayor de Blasio Reportedly Responsible for One Subway Delay This WeekThe R train may have been held in the station after a press conference.
  37. Here’s the MTA’s Plan to Fix the SubwaysMTA chairman Joe Lhota presented some near-term steps including signal overhauls and getting rid of vague announcements.
  38. politics
    Senate Judiciary Committee to Drop Subpoena of Paul ManafortThe former Trump campaign chair will no longer face a public hearing on Wednesday.
  39. Report: Donald Trump Is Visiting Long Island This WeekLong Island congressman Peter King says he is coming to discuss MS-13.
  40. The New York City Subway Just Had Its Second Derailment in a MonthA car on a southbound Q train jumped the rails near Brighton Beach in Brooklyn.
  41. the sports section
    Meet the Future Voice of the Brooklyn Nets. Maybe.He (and it was mostly guys) could have been among the 175 hopefuls that showed up for open auditions at the Barclays Center on Tuesday.
  42. Governor Cuomo Decides He Actually Doesn’t Run the MTAAnd MTA chair Joe Lhota appears to be toeing the boss’s (untrue) line.
  43. summer of hell
    Plan for Fancy Light Shows on Bridges Jeered in City Where Subways Don’t WorkThe dismal state of the MTA is becoming a real problem for Andrew Cuomo.
  44. Eighth Person at Trump Jr. Russia Meeting NamedIke Kaveladze is an American businessman who represents the Russian real-estate development company associated with the Agalarov family.
  45. commutes from hell
    Track Fire Is the Latest Subway DisasterHappy Monday, riders on the A, B, C, and D lines!
  46. big beautiful walls
    President Trump Wants ‘See-through’ Border WallHe’s also not kidding about those solar panels.
  47. Trump Defends Don Jr. and Says ‘We’ll See’ on Paris Accords at Macron PresserAt a press conference in Paris, he couldn’t escape the big controversy here at home.
  48. Senate Judiciary Committee Wants to Talk to Don Jr.It’s asking Donald Trump Jr. to testify about his meeting with the Kremlin-connected lawyer, possibly as early as next week.
  49. Appeals Court Overturns Conviction of Former Assembly Speaker Sheldon SilverAn appeals court used a recent Supreme Court precedent to say the jury had been given incorrect instructions in the case.
  50. In a Battle It Cannot Win, New York City Will Spend $32 Million to Fight RatsIt will target three areas, and include some new trash cans.
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