Justin Miller

  1. Margaret Thatcher, U.K.’s First Female Prime Minister, Dies of a StrokeShe was 87 years old.
  2. Ed Koch, the Mayor Who Saved New York From Bankruptcy, Dies at 88His life and legacy.
  3. politics
    After Days of Drama, Congress Passes Fiscal Cliff DealBoehner told Reid to “Go f— yourself,” while Reid threw an Obama proposal in the fireplace.
  4. Senate Passes Fiscal Cliff Deal, 89-8Over to you, House of Representatives.
  5. Watch Out Below! No Vote to Stop Fiscal CliffThe House leaves early on New Year’s Eve, just like the rest of America.
  6. webster ambush
    Firefighter Slayer: I Like to Kill PeoplePolice found a note from William Spengler.
  7. sad things
    12 Killed at Dark Knight Rises ShowingHorrific.
  8. Will Wisconsin Recall Its Union-Bashing Governor Tonight?Democrats and Big Labor want Scott Walker’s head after he gutted the rights of public-sector unions last year.
  9. Resounding Win for Romney in Nevada [Updated]Gingrich is losing his base and maybe his billionaire supporter too.