Lili Loofbourow

  1. television
    Why Legal Shows Have Such Fascinating Female CharactersBenched is the latest example of a fascinating genre.
  2. tv
    What Gilmore Girls Gets Right About Money and LoveEmotional economy.
  3. ovaries week
    What the 17th Century Can Teach Us About VaginasAn inside-out penis?
  4. women to watch
    Maria Bamford and the Hard Work of Acting NormalShe throws out all the usual scripts for female comedians.
  5. Mind the Gap: The Awkward Filthiness of Nighty NightFor this installment, we are going back to a classic: the 2004-2005 mindfuck that is Nighty Night. Julia Davis writes and stars as the most […]
  6. Mind the Gap: A Series on Awkward Women in ComedyWe want to talk about life before Bridesmaids. You might be fatigued from all the talk about women in comedy, from sentences like “women aren’t […]