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  1. keeping up with the royals
    Leave This Tiny Dancer Alone!Good Morning America co-host Lara Spencer mocked Prince George for taking ballet.
  2. check out this song bruv
    Hmm, Do We Think Taylor Swift Has Been to London?Taking a closer look at the “London Boy” lyrics.
  3. the epstein case
    Prince Andrew Allegedly Seen Getting Massaged at Epstein’s HomeA new article describes Epstein and Prince Andrew getting foot massages from “two young well-dressed Russian women.”
  4. titanic
    Let Her Go, ManA Titanic historian describes new footage of the ship’s decay as “shocking.” Is it, though?
  5. movies
    I Can’t Wait to Watch This Movie About Adam Driver’s FaceMarriage Story takes us on a journey through the beautiful wilds of Adam Driver’s facial expressions.
  6. animals
    The Chicago Coyote Guy on the Story Behind That Viral Video“That’s really odd to see a coyote pup out in broad daylight in an open area at 2 p.m.”
  7. the art of diplomacy
    Trump Promises Not to Do ‘This’ to GreenlandThere will be no Trump Hotel and Casino for Greenlanders, it seems.
  8. bad ideas
    And Now, an Update on Alan DershowitzEpstein’s lawyer was scheduled to defend biblical characters accused of “kidnapping and child trafficking” in a mock trial.
  9. politics
    The Owner of SoulCycle and Equinox Is Throwing a Fancy Trump FundraiserTo the dismay of many fans of the gym chain and stationary-bicycle lifestyle cult.
  10. teeth! teeth! teeth!
    Dakota Johnson Would Like Some Privacy to Mourn Her Tooth GapRIP.
  11. celebrity
    Dakota Johnson Would Like Some Privacy to Mourn Her Tooth Gap“I’m really sad about it too.”
  12. keeping up with kylie
    Excuse Me, Who’s Going to Clean This Up?For Kylie Jenner’s birthday, Travis Scott covered her home in loose flower petals.
  13. broken brain
    What to Name Your 30 to 50 Feral HogsWhen they run into your yard within three to five minutes.
  14. power
    Yet Another Woman Says She Was Mistreated at GoogleA Google employee has published a searing account of being discriminated against during her pregnancy.
  15. fashion
    An Evening With New York’s Most Glamorous CatsMeeting the stars of the Algonquin’s cat fashion show.
  16. so you want to be president
    Horniness for Jay Inslee Is a Renewable ResourceI don’t know if it was the Clark Kent glasses or his continued commitment to clean energy, but on Wednesday everyone got horny for Inslee.
  17. 2020 elections
    A Guide to All the Indistinguishable Men Running for PresidentHow to tell these six men apart.
  18. democratic debates
    Marianne Williamson Says Reparations Are ‘a Debt That Is Owed’The spiritual guru is a controversial candidate, but her full-throated support of reparations on the Democratic debate stage was welcome to many.
  19. 2020 elections
    John Hickenlooper (?) Posts Thirst Trap Before DebateAn ego boost? Or a last ditch effort to be recognized onstage?
  20. omg
    What I’m Saying When I Type ‘Omg’“I’m acknowledging that I received your message.”
  21. let them eat (sad) cake
    Sometimes Alex Rodriguez’s Sad Birthday Cake Is the Best You Can DoAppreciating this sad cake that’s doing its best.
  22. health
    Do We Really Understand the Risks of Breast Implants?The Cut spoke to a plastic surgeon about the FDA’s decision to recall certain textured breast implants linked to a rare cancer.
  23. yikes
    Is Diddy Dating His Son’s Ex-Girlfriend?Awkward.
  24. crime
    A Doctor Secretly Induced Labor in His Patients So He Could Bill MoreFor years, Dr. Paul Shuen put his patients in danger so he could charge more for delivering their babies.
  25. hmm
    Casey Affleck Bravely Imagines a World Without WomenThe embattled actor wrote, directed, and stars in a movie where almost all the women on earth have died in a plague. Hmm.
  26. celebrity engagements
    Bindi Irwin Is Engaged!Her longtime boyfriend Chandler Powell proposed to her on her 21st birthday.
  27. vaping
    FDA Enlists Street Magician to Stop Kids From Vaping“Some people think that vaping is no big deal, but that is just an illusion.”
  28. best buds
    Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio Are Bonding Over PotteryBeep beep! Here come the Pottery Boys.
  29. culture
    How Do Furries Feel About the New Cats Movie?“I hate it.”
  30. tv
    Why Isn’t Anyone Talking About the Big Little Lies Roundtables?A look at the most unhinged part of the show.
  31. niche drama
    Who Is Belle Delphine, the Gamer Girl Selling Her Bathwater?“I can do crazy things and get to see the world react to it.”
  32. movies
    Should You See Midsommar High?An honest review.
  33. the jeffrey epstein scandal
    New Video Shows Trump and Jeffrey Epstein Ogling Women at Mar-a-LagoA week after the president told reporters he “wasn’t a fan” of the sex offender.
  34. immigration
    A 3-Year-Old Migrant Was Told to Choose Which Parent Can Stay in the U.S.“The agent asked her who she wanted to go with, mom or dad.”
  35. masters of disguise
    Can You Spot the Half-Kilo of Cocaine in This Picture?Look closely.
  36. relax
    Naomi Campbell’s Airport Routine Is Better Than ASMR“This is what I do on every plane I get on. I do not care what people think of me.”
  37. hmm
    What If the Aliens Are Hot?Some things to think about.
  38. culture
    The Best Character on Big Little Lies Is Barely on ItAn appreciation of Tori Bachman, the spurned wife horny for revenge.
  39. movies
    Did You Know Louise Linton Is Filming a ‘Sex Thriller’ With Chuck Bass?Oh.
  40. sports
    Partying With the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team at Its Victory Parade“Years ago, female athletes were mocked. Now look at this.”
  41. culture
    Could You Live With Yourself Knowing You’d Ordered This?Starbucks is unveiling a new Tie Dye Frappuccino this week.
  42. sports
    Serena Williams Started Seeing a Therapist After U.S. Open Controversy“This debacle ruined something that should have been amazing and historic.”
  43. the epstein case
    The Royal Family’s Disturbing Connection to Jeffrey EpsteinIn 2015, one woman said Epstein forced her to have sex with the Duke of York while she was underage.
  44. keeping up with the royals
    Kate Middleton Designed a Log““The idea is that it makes you sit back and look at the clouds.”
  45. hot shot
    The Best Look at Couture Week: Nicole Kidman Grasping Two MenMagnifique.
  46. wellness
    Attendees Shocked to Find That GOOP’s $5,700 Wellness Summit Was a Rip-Off“I was a huge fan of Gwyneth; now I feel like I have lost my faith in God.”
  47. drama
    Meghan McCain, ‘Exhausted and Defeated,’ Might Finally Leave The ViewTurns out being hostile and having bad opinions is exhausting!
  48. metaphysics
    Let Her Eat (Half a) CakeA Texas Walmart banned a woman for eating half a cake in the store, and then refusing to pay the full price.
  49. power
    Lawmakers Report Cruel, Dehumanizing Conditions at the Border“Officers were keeping women in cells with no water and had told them to drink out of the toilets.”
  50. immigration
    This Secret Facebook Group for Border Patrol Officials Is Absolutely HorrifyingMembers made fun of dead migrants and posted sexually violent jokes about Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, according to a new report.
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